HTML Level 1 | Wipro TrendNxt Dumps


HTML Level 1 | Wipro TrendNxt Dumps

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The below answers contains HTML Level 1 | Wipro TrendNxt Dumps.

1.What is the full form of HTML ? 


2.<em> and <i> tags do the same thing by emphasizing and   

  italic styling resp.

3. <strong> and <b>  do the same thing by making the text

  strong and bold resp.

4. Em tag will make the text:

 a. bold

 b. italic

 c. underlined

 d. strong

5.What does ‘em’ tag does?


6.How many types of list in HTML?


Ordered list, Unordered list, Description list

7.What is the tag used for alternate text?


8.What is the syntax for ordered list?


9.What is the syntax for unordered list?


10.What is the syntax for Description list?


11.Each list item starts with the <li> tag.

12.Which list tag should be used for numeric list?

 a. Ordered list

13. Which list tag should be used for bullet list?

 a. UNOrdered list

14.What is the full form of pc?


15. Dl: description list

 The <dt> tag defines a term/name in a description list

 The <dd> tag is used to describe a term/name in a description list.

16.What does ‘TH’ tag means?

Table header

17.How many ways of using CSS in HTML?


18.What tag is used if we need to add a link in html?

<a href>link</a>

19.What tag to use if we want to open a link in new window?


20.CSS is used in which part of HTML? Head/Body/END/none

21. The correct way to set width and height of image in html?

  <img src="w3schools.jpg" alt="" style=

"width:120; height:100;">

22. Which attribute is applicable for Font?

a. Size  b. face  c. Color  d. All of the options

23. Why we use ID attribute? 

  single, unique

24. One more name of embedded style sheet.

 Document Style Sheet

25. To insert a style sheet ____________.

a. External Style Sheet  b. Internal Style sheet  c. Inline  d. All options

26. Vlink stands for:  Visited Link

27. The disadvantage of CSS:  Browser compatibility

28. CSS declaration ends with  ;}

29. The class selector uses the HTML class attribute and is defined with  “.”  (Dot)

30. Which of following used to define parameters for plugins embedded with an object element?   <param>

31. A  ___________ consisting of pear and week number encoded according to ISO 8601.   WEEK

32. How to apply style for a single element?  Using INLINE STYLE

33. A CSS rule set consists of a selector and a declaration block for tag and its attributes

34. Which input type we use to accept URLs? URL

35. Which is not a valid tag? 

a. th

b. tr  

c. tt     (Teletype text)//this is not valid…check 

d. All options

36. Which tag is used to set the direction of the text?


37. Which attribute is used in Inline style css?


38. Container for grouping other HTML elements?

 a. div  b. span  c. group  d. block

39. How to increase column width?

 a. cell spacing  b. cell padding c. row span  d. col span

40. <!DOCTYPE> declaration is added to our HTML documents, so  

 that the browser knows what type of document to expect.

41.Use the CSS padding property to add padding to cells.

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