TrendNxt Set 1 Jenkins L2 | Wipro TrendNxt Dumps


TredNxt Set 1 Jenkins L2 || Wipro TrendNxt Dumps

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The below answers contains TredNxt Set 1 Jenkins L2 | Wipro TrendNxt Dumps.

Probable  JENKINS- Questions Level 2

1)    Code coverage analysis is CPU and Memory intensive process which will slow down build completion time. How do you configure code coverage analysis in this scenario?

ANS-  Run code coverage analysis in separate build job after unit and integration test successful.

 2)     Which plugin is used to run the selenium test cases in Jenkins?

ANS- Hudson Selenium

 3)     What are the minimum steps needed to configure unit testing in Jenkins?

a)    Add built step to invoke ant and include the

b)    Add post-build action to publish the test res

c)    Both the above

d)    Add HTML scarping and include T

Ans- Both the above

4)     How do you configure Jenkins to utilize more memory for running performance tests?

ANS-  mention the memory to be used in MAVEN_OPTS field in the build job.

5)    How do you configure Jenkins to skip the tests in Junit?

ANS- @ignore

6)    What does the code coverage report provide?

ANS-  displays the calculated coverage percentage based on the unit tests written.

 7)     Which one of the following has maven project?

ANS-  coverage.xml

 8)    Checkstyle is used for checking?

ANS- Coding standards coding practices code complexity metric

 9)     Which plugin is used for getting  code coverage for .net projects?




d)a and b

ANS-  a and b  ( mstest and vstest )

10)  Name the correct plugin that is used for running static code analysis?

a)checkstyle  Maven plugin

b)FindBugs plugin

c) a and b

d) none of the above

ANS-  a and b ( checkstyle Maven plugin and Findbugs plugin)

 11)  You are installing the plugins and Jenkins throw error that is not able to download the plugins since Jenkin is behind firewall. How do you download the plugins?

ANS- set http proxy connection details

12)  Which of the below is used to configure JDK and ANT installations in build job?

ANS- configure system

 13)  How do you run groovy scripts in Jenkin server?

ANS-  use script console

 14)  The Jenkins job are internally stored in which format?

ANS- JSON format

 15)  PRQA plugin is used for?

ANS- static code analysis

 16)  What plugin is used for binary repository?

ANS- artifactory

 17)  You need to have the maven build previous builds , compile code and unit test and generate jar file, what needs to be configured in Jenkins to achieve this?

ANS- add clean package for maven build

 18)  How to execute windows batch command from  a job?

ANS-  Go to the build section and click on Add Build step? Execute windows batch command.

 19) You need to schedule build to run every minute of every hour of every day. How do you set up?

ANS- add “******” in Poll SCM option in build triggers

 20)  To shut down Jenkins cleanly , you  can use the _______________ link , which prevents any new build from being started?

ANS-  prepare for shutdown

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