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Data Control Language_Database Objects [RDBMS > Data Control Language_Database Objects] | Accenture TFA Training Pre-Learning Modules

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1. Create View_Mobile

Path: RDBMS/Data Control Language _ Database Objects/Create View_Mobile/model.sql

create view customer_mobile_details as select customer_info.customer_id,



from customer_info,sales_info,mobile_master

where customer_info.customer_id=sales_info.customer_id

and sales_info.ime_no=mobile_master.ime_no

order by customer_info.customer_id,customer_info.customer_name,sales_info.salesid asc;

2. Create View_StudentDetails

Path: RDBMS/Data Control Language _ Database Objects/Create View_StudentDetails/sample.sql

create view course_student_details as select 


from registration c,student a,course b 

where c.studid=a.studid and c.courseid=b.courseid;

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