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MNC Answers contains TCS Fresco Play Hands-on and MCQ solution, TCS iEvolve Course Answers, Accenture TFA, Wipro Trend NXT, LinkedIn Skill Assessment Answers, and several MNC Interview Questions – all in one app.

This app contains more premium Fresco Play Hands-on solutions with MCQ and iEvolve courses. And, we will update more course answers in future!

MNC Answers is built with helpful features such as Dark mode, Search Post/Page, Share, Text size changer, and most importantly ‘Add to Favorite’, which helps us to save the document for later or offline usage.

We have created this app with the idea of providing answers to basic questions, you may get the opportunity to learn and become informed about emerging technologies.


MNC Answers Include:

• TCS Fresco Play courses Hands-on solution
• TCS Fresco Play courses MCQ solution
• TCS iEvolve Course Answers
• Accenture TFA solution
• Wipro Trend NXT solution
• LinkedIn Skill Assessment Answers
• MNC Job opportunity details
• MNC Interview Questions & much more


- The primary purpose of providing MNC Answers is to assist and support anyone unable to complete the courses due to a technical issue or a lack of expertise. This app’s information or data are solely for knowledge and education

- Make an effort to understand these solutions and apply them to your Hands-On difficulties

- Any inappropriate use of MNC Answers and any misconduct with the information it contains are not our responsibility

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