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1. Copy Complete Directory

Path: UNIX/File System/Copy Complete Directory/

cp -ir mydir/colors/basic mydir/colors/blended mydir/shape/

2. Copy File 1

Path: UNIX/File System/Copy File 1/

cp mydir/colors/basic/red mydir/colors/blended

3. Copy File 3

Path: UNIX/File System/Copy File 3/

cp mydir/colors/basic/green mydir/animals/reptiles/

4. Copy File 4

Path: UNIX/File System/Copy File 4/

cp livingthings/birds/nonflyingbirds/penguin livingthings/birds/flyingbirds

5. Copy File 5

Path: UNIX/File System/Copy File 5/

cp livingthings/birds/flyingbirds/eider livingthings/animals/mammals/

6. Copy File 6

Path: UNIX/File System/Copy File 6/

cp livingthings/birds/flyingbirds/eagle livingthings/birds/nonflyingbirds/

7. Directory Creation - 1

Path: UNIX/File System/Directory Creation - 1/

mkdir mydir

cd mydir

mkdir colors

mkdir shape

mkdir animals

cd shape

touch circle

touch square

touch cube

cd ..

cd colors

mkdir basic

mkdir blended

cd basic

touch red 

touch blue

touch green

cd ..

cd blended

touch yellow

touch orange

touch pink

cd ..

cd ..

cd animals

mkdir mammals

mkdir reptiles

cd mammals

touch platypus

touch bat

touch dog

cd ..

cd reptiles

touch snakes

touch crocodile

touch lizard


8. Directory Creation - 2

Path: UNIX/File System/Directory Creation - 2/

mkdir livingthings

cd livingthings

mkdir birds

mkdir plants

mkdir animals

cd birds

mkdir flyingbirds

mkdir nonflyingbirds

cd flyingbirds

touch stork

touch eagle

touch eider

cd ..

cd nonflyingbirds

touch kiwi

touch ostrich

touch penguin

cd ..

cd ..

cd plants

touch carrot

touch cabbage

touch daisy

cd ..

cd animals

mkdir mammals

mkdir reptiles

cd mammals

touch jaguar

touch dog

touch tiger

cd ..

cd reptiles

touch alligator

touch skink

touch turtle


9. File Permission - 1

Path: UNIX/File System/File Permission - 1/

chmod u+rw,g+rw,o+rw emp.txt

10. File Permission - 2

Path: UNIX/File System/File Permission - 2/

chmod 620 dept.txt

11. File Permission - 3

Path: UNIX/File System/File Permission - 3/

chmod g-w emp.txt

12. File Permission - 4

Path: UNIX/File System/File Permission - 4/

chmod 711 emp.txt

13. File Permission - 5

Path: UNIX/File System/File Permission - 5/

chmod 666 student.txt

14. File Permission - 6

Path: UNIX/File System/File permission - 6/

chmod 646 student.txt

15. File Permission - 7

Path: UNIX/File System/File Permission - 7/

chmod g+x department.txt

16. File Permission - 8

Path: UNIX/File System/File Permission - 8/

chmod 626 student.txt

17. Move File 1

Path: UNIX/File System/Move File 1/

mv mydir/animals/mammals/dog mydir/shape

18. Move File 2

Path: UNIX/File System/Move File 2/

mv mydir/animals/reptiles/snakes mydir/shape/

19. Move File 3

Path: UNIX/File System/Move File 3/

mv mydir/shape/circle mydir/animals/mammals/

20. Move File 4

Path: UNIX/File System/Move File 4/

mv livingthings/animals/reptiles/turtle livingthings/plants

21. Move File 5

Path: UNIX/File System/Move File 5/

cd livingthings/plants/

mv carrot ../animals/mammals/

22. Move File 6

Path: UNIX/File System/Move File 6/

mv livingthings/animals/reptiles/skink livingthings/plants

23. Remove Directory

Path: UNIX/File System/Remove Directory/

rm -r livingthings/animals/mammals livingthings/animals/reptiles

24. Remove File - 1

Path: UNIX/File System/Remove File - 1/

rm mydir/colors/blended/orange

25. Remove File - 2

Path: UNIX/File System/Remove File - 2/

rm livingthings/birds/nonflyingbirds/ostrich

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