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All Question of the Hands-On Present Below for Ease Use Ctrl + F with the question name to find the Question. All the Best!

1. Count Files 

Path: UNIX/Filters/Count Files/

ls -r | wc -l

#find ./ -type f -print | wc -l

2. Find string 2

Path: UNIX/Filters/Find string 2/

grep -v lin teknoscript.txt

3. Find string 3

Path: UNIX/Filters/Find string 3/

grep -n lin teknoscript.txt

4. Find string 5

Path: UNIX/Filters/Find string 5/

grep  h$ teknoscript.txt

5. Find string 7

Path: UNIX/Filters/Find string 7/

grep ^echo teknoscript.txt

6. Find string 8

Path: UNIX/Filters/Find string 8/

grep -v ^# teknoscript.txt

7. Grep Command - 2

Path: UNIX/Filters/Grep Command - 2/

grep -v ';$' employee.txt

8. Grep Command - 3

Path: UNIX/Filters/Grep Command - 3/

grep ':$' employee.txt

9. List Files

Path: UNIX/Filters/List Files/

ls | grep '^s'

10. Move File 4

Path: UNIX/Filters/Move File 4/Move File 4/

mv livingthings/animals/reptiles/turtle livingthings/plants/

11. Pattern Search

Path: UNIX/Filters/Pattern Search/

ls -1 | grep ^.[0-9].*$

12. Redirect Command - 2

Path: UNIX/Filters/Redirect Command - 2/

echo '4'

13. Tail Command - 2

Path: UNIX/Filters/Tail Command - 2/

tail -3 sample.txt

14. Word Search

Path: UNIX/Filters/Word Search/

grep -i 'birbal' story.txt

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