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Advanced Statistics and Probability MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. Multivariate data analysis helps us to__  -- both

2. What is multivariate statistics?  -- All options

3. Multivariate data analysis is application of__  -- All options

4. Use of only one variable to describe the data is known as__  -- Uni

5. What are the features of multivariate random variable?  -- both

6. Independent variables refers to those variables__  -- which act as

7. __ is an example of Multivariate analysis in which relationship exist between a dependent variable and independent variable/s.  -- partial least

8. Pattern such as group or trend in the data table can not be studied using Multivariate data analysis. -- Incorrect

9. Dependent variables refers to those variables__  -- variation is analyzed

10. Lurking variable remains__  --Hidden

11. Amalgamation paradox is also known as__  -- Simpson's

12. Principal component analysis reduces__  -- large no of corerelated

13. Least number of coordinates required to showcase a point is__  --dimesion

14. What is done when a new data in the sub Interval is added?  -- one bin added

15. Stochastic variables are also known as__  -- random

16. Probability mass function is also known as__  -- Probability density

17. What is the drawback of using Kernel density estimation's Histogram method?  -- plot is not smooth

18. If the area under the PDF curve is zero, then__  -- probability=0

19. What is kernel?  -- All options

20. In box kernel density estimation,__  -- centered over data points

21. What is density estimation?  -- estimates  probability density function

22. What is Random walk?  -- we cannot predict

23. What is prior probability?  -- done in lack of evidence

24. We use __ in histogram for sub intervals.  – bins

25. What is posterior probability? -- Conditional probabilty of the event after the evidence is taken into the consideration!

26. If time space or state space is discrete,__ àMarkov process can be termed as discrete-time Markov chains

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