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Automatix - Art of RPA MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. Unclear inputs, Social Context, Task distribution, and Transformation are some of the key attributes which favor RPA.


2. is aimed at IT architecture to enable process management capability.

ERP, RPA , BPMS & All of the above - selected

3. Individual level screen level interactions are covered by _ layer of RPA.


4. provides open platform for automation.


5. Greater resilience is achieved in RPA through ____

Object oriented approach - selected , Layered configuration , Functional approach

6. is hosted on a server.

Developer tools and robot controller - Both of above

7. RPA enables monitoring of network devices.


8. Autonomous RPA is a kind of __


9. provides instructions to robot.

Robot Controller

10. RPA is a __ software

Both of the options

11. A robot can accumulate knowledge of procedures over time.


12. _ deploy(s) jobs to the software robots.

Robot Controller

13. RPA interacts with multiple application at the ________ layer.


14. RPA can be used to automate _.

statement reconciliation

15. CRM system can be streamlined using _ tools.

RPA - selected , BPM , None of the options

16. RPA stores data and enables automation.

True - selected , False

17. RPA answers to customers in _

Natural language.

18. Which among these is not an RPA tool?

BPM interacts through the _ layer.


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