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Caching Technique MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. Which type of caching can be used to cache the contest registration page in a website, to reduce the time taken to serve the page for the users?

Application Cache

2. A cache is a .

Small and Fast memory

3. In which type of cache, application directly interacts with database for data that is not available in the cache?


4. In which type of cache, application treats cache as the main data store and reads data from it and writes data to it? (I) Read Through/Write Through Cache (II) Cache-aside


5. Which of the following is true about a well designed cache?

Hit Rate > Miss Rate

6. A web page displays 10 items per page and has pagination enabled. What would be the recommended way to enable efficient paging?

Use Spatial Cache

7. Line size in a cache is recommended to be a power of 2.


8. Which type of cache reference locality aims at designing cache to store the entire block near the Recently Referenced Data? (I) Temporal Locality (II) Spatial Locality


9. Which of the following types of data exhibits Spatial Locality?


10. Which type of cache reference locality aims at designing cache to store "Recently Referenced Data" assuming that the same data will be requested frequently?

Only Temporal Locality

11. Which of the following Cache Eviction techniques consider Locality?

Least Recently Used

12. Which of the following is true about the cache?

Line size == Block size

13. When a computer processor does not gets a data item that it requires in cache, then the problem is known as _________.

Cache Hit

14. Which type of cache is recommended to store user preferences for an application with several 100's of concurrent users?

On Demand Cache

15. While using a Write Back cache, which of the following policies needs to be abided?

Write Allocate

16. Caching Technique where cache is populated the first time a certain piece of data is requested is called _________.

Lazy Loading

17. Primary objective of Cache Coherence is to ensure __________.

Data Consistency across all local caches

18. Which of the following in a cache address, specifies the exact location in the cache line where the requested data exists?

Block Index

19. For a cache look up to be a Hit, which of the following must be true?

Tag==Block Offset and Valid Bit = 0

20. Cache Performance or Average Memory Access time (AMAT) depends on which of the following?

All options mentioned

21. Which Cache would be the best place to cache DNS data?


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