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1. Continuous uptime and low latency is achieved in NoSQL systems as compared to traditional relational databases.

Yes  --  Correct

2. Which of the following statements about NoSQL databases is true?

Support unstructured data  --  Correct

3. What is meant by 'Active everywhere design'?

All nodes can be written to and read from  --  Correct

4. Which among the following is a NoSQL db?

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

5. Cassandra is not suitable for IoT applications.

False  --  Correct

6. Cassandra is a __________ architecture.

peer-to-peer  --  Correct


7. Which type of data model does Cassandra use?

Both key-value and tabular data models  --  Correct

8. Which command can be used to list all available commands/operations in Cassandra?

HELP  --  Correct

9. What are ‘seed nodes’ in Apache Cassandra?

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

10. A bloom filter can return __________.

A false positive  --  Correct

11. Which Linux flavour can be used for Cassandra Installation?

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

12. Cluster can have multiple seed nodes.

True  --  Correct

13. SSTable resides in memory.

False  --  Correct

14. Java instance should be running in the machine inorder to setup Cassandra.

Yes, java must be running in the machine  --  Correct


15. What is C-A-P, in CAP theorem?

1) Consistency 2) Availability and 3) Partition tolerance  --  Correct

16. What is the default partitioner in Apache Cassandra cluster?

Murmur3Partitioner  --  Correct

17. Pick the correct statements.

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

18. Cassandra attaches a timestamp to each version of the record and uses this to merge records .

Yes  --  Correct

19. The simplest and the fastest read path is when the record is present in the __________.

Row Cache  --  Correct

20. Authorization capabilities for Cassandra use the familiar__________ security paradigm to manage object permissions.

GRANT  --  Correct

21. Row cache is an in-memory cache, which stores recently read rows.

True  --  Correct

22. To be able to read data from compressed blocks, Cassandra consults __________.

Compression offsets  --  Correct


23. Keyspace is analogous to __________ in realtional world.

database  --  Correct

24. Which among the following is not a Replica Placement strategy?

None of the options mentioned  --  Correct

25. Is Timestamp an optional field in Column?

True  --  Correct

26. Pick the correct statement.

All the options mentioned  --  Correct

Each keyspace has at least one and often many column families.  --  Correct

27. Which among the following is the right syntax for 'Using a Keyspace'?

USE <identifier>  --  Correct


28. Which of the following statements is true about CQL?

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

29. Defining a primary key is mandatory while creating a table.

True  --  Correct

30. Which Linux flavour can be used for Cassandra Installation?

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

31. What is the  primary language for communicating with the Apache Cassandra™ database?

CQL  --  Correct

32. Pick the correct statement.

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

33. Which directory contains Cassandra configuration files?

conf  --  Correct


34. Cassandra will keep appending the records into the Commit Log and then to the memtable.

True  --  Correct

35. How does Murmur3Partitioner work?

Fast hash-based partitioner  --  Correct

36. Partitioners supported by Cassandra are __________.

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

37. Which collection type in Cassandra is dictionary like object?

Map  --  Correct

38. Which OS does Cassandra support?

Both Windows and Linux  --  Correct

39. Protocol for communicating timeout info among nodes is __________.

NTP  --  Correct

40. What can be used to monitor clock drifts?

NTP  --  Correct

41. The process of turning a Memtable into a SSTable is called 

Flushing  --  Correct

42. What can also be attributed as wide-row in Apache Cassandra?

Compound Key  --  Correct

43. What is the critical bottleneck faced during creation of data model?

Hot Spots  --  Correct

44. User accounts may be altered and dropped using the __________ Query Language.

Cassandra  --  Correct

45. Which among the following is not a performance measurement tool?

None  --  correct

46. Partitioned data in Cassandra can be looked up using __________.

Partition Key , Primary Key --  Wrong

47. Which technique is used for error correction for every compressed block?

CRC  --  Correct

48. Each flush of the memtable results in the creation of __________.

Sstable  --  Correct

49. A cluster is __________.

A collection of data centers  --  Correct

50. Minimum JVM version required for Cassandra is __________.

1.6  --  Correct

51. Replication can be configured to work across __________.

one or more Data Centers  --  Correct

52. In Cassandra, data is first written to __________.

Commit Log and Memtable  --  Correct

53. What is the use of commit log?

Crash-recovery  --  Correct

54. Primary key is a column that is used to uniquely identify a row.

True  --  Correct

55. __________ is a collection of related nodes.

Cluster , Ring  --  Wrong

56. In cassandra consistency is achieved through consistency tuning mechanisms.

True  --  Correct

57. How does Cassandra store data?

By dividing all data evenly around a cluster of nodes, which can be visualized as a ring.  --  Correct

58. CQL features include __________.

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

59. Which of the statements are true?

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

60. Which of the following statements is true?

All of the options mentioned  --  Correct

61. NoSQL db - Cassandra is of type __________.

Wide-column stores  --  Correct

62. Which collection type is used to maintain uniqueness of data structure?

Set  --  Correct

63. Cassandra supports ACID transactions?

False  --  Correct

64. Cassandra promotes __________ operation.

Read-before-write  --  Correct

65. Which of the following is not part of SSTable?

Memtable  --  Correct

66. There are __________ types of read requests that a coordinator can send to a replica.

3  --  Correct

67. What percentage is the default threshold of memory used for flushing of the largest Memtables?

65  --  Correct

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