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Continuous Integration MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. Feature branching is used to _.

Work on user stories -- Correct

2. Release branches are created for resolving merge conflicts.

False -- Correct

3. Which is NOT a benefit of CI ?

Bugs and defects no longer occur -- Correct

4. Activities that are part of continuous integration.

All of the Options -- Correct

5. Which is not a CI practice ?

Deploy to production -- Correct

6. Which is NOT true about continuous integration ?

Involves moving code in large amounts -- Correct

7. Work Branch is also known as_.

Codeline -- Correct

8. Git is a _ version control system.

Distributed -- Correct


9. Time taken to fix a broken build is measured using __.

Build repair rate -- Correct

10. __ is a .Net build tool.

NAnt -- Correct

11. Pipeline break and build break is one and the same.

False -- Correct

12. Capablility of your build system to handle an increase in the amount of code that it integrates and analyzes is known as .

Build scalability -- Correct

13. Complexity of a code is determined based on ___.

Cyclomatic Complexity Number -- Correct

14. _ is a measure of incoming dependencies.

Apperent Coupling -- Correct

15. Private builds are executed after moving the changes to version control.

False -- Correct

16. Build can be triggered by a version control tool.

True -- Correct


17. Release builds can be triggered ___.

On-demand -- Correct

18. is a continuous integration server.

Maven -- Correct

19. Jabber is a :

Messaging plugin -- Correct

20. Staged builds include _.

Secondary builds

21. Trunk is also known as ____.

Mainline -- Correct

22. Practice of developers integrating changes directly in the feature or work branches and commuting the changes at the end to the mainline is known as _.

Continuous Integration -- Correct

23. Faster feedback can be received by ___.

Staging builds

24. Commuting a code change, when the inspection fails , is perfectly fine as the code logic is working fine anyway.

False -- Correct

25. ____ helps in differentiating the environments.

Configuration files -- Correct

26. Which is the first code analysis to be executed ?

unit test

27. Control flow graph is used to calculate _.

Cyclomatic Complexity -- Correct

28. CI pipeline consists of .


29. Which of the tools is not used for establishing a pipeline workflow ?

Travis CI -- Wrong


Arrange in order- A. Running Unit Test B.Running Static Code Check C.Check for Code Coverage D. Build Package

30. Git, Mercurial and Subversion are centralized version control tools.

False -- Correct

31. How are component dependencies injected in a workflow ?

Build package first and then perform the remaining tasks

32. Staged builds include _.

Commit builds

33. CI servers use the _ expression to poll for changes.

CRON -- Correct

34. Efferent Coupling is a measure of .

Outgoing dependencies -- Correct

35. Teamcity is a .

Build Tool -- Correct

36. Component test is executed as part of _.

Integration Build -- Correct

37. CCMetrics is used to identify _.

Code Complexity -- Correct

38. Which of the following is an artifact repository ?

Maven -- Wrong

39. Feature toggle can be used in the following scenarios .

Disabling or Hiding a feature -- Wrong

40. Code changes can be hidden, enabled or disabled using ___.

Feature Toggles -- Correct

41. _ is a code coverage tool.

Cobertura -- Correct

42. Which of these is not mandated for a CI pipeline ?

Application code

43. Does CI pipeline need to have all the software development functionalities integrated in place ?

False -- Correct

44. Which of the tools is not mandated for integration in a CI pipeline ?

Chef -- Wrong

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