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Data Science in Patterns Identification MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. What is the confidence for Screen Guard -> Mobile Cover ?

0.5  --  Correct

2. What is the support for Power Bank ?

0.6  --  Correct

3. What is the support for Screen Guard ?

0.8  --  Correct

4. In the Association Rule [ Screen Guard , Mobile Cover -> Power Bank ] , what is the consequent ?

Power Bank  --  Correct

5. What is the confidence for Power Bank -> Mobile Cover ?

.33  --  Correct


6. Proportion of transactions with A and B / (Proportion of transactions with A) * (Proportion of transactions with B) . What is this formula ?

Lift(A->B)  --  Correct

7. What are the pre-requisites for generating an Association Rule ?

Support and Confidence  --  Correct

8. What is considered a challenge in implementing the Apriori Algorithm ?

Sometimes too few item sets that satisfy the minimum support  --  Correct

9. The FP Growth algorithm is not memory efficient.

False  --  Correct

10. You are a Data Scientist in an e-commerce company . You are analyzing all the transactions that happened over the past 1 week in your site. You observe that of the five hundred transactions that happened , two hundred of them had a mobile phone in them. What is the support for mobile phones in the last 1 week ?

0.4  --  Correct

11. Right hand side of an Association Rule is called ?

Consequent  --  Correct

12. What metric is first calculated for each item in the apriori algorithm ?

Support  --  Correct

13. Which property states that an itemset can be considered frequent only if all the items in the set are frequent ?

Upward Closure Property  --  Correct

14. Left hand side of an Association Rule is called ?

Antecedent  --  Correct

15. The confidence of (A->B) is not always same as confidence of (B->A) .

True  --  Correct

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