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Digital for Industries MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. 3D printing is the popular consumer name for what accurate industry terminology?

Additive Manufacturing  --  Correct

2. Overlaying Digital Information virtually in a physical world is called?

Augmented Reality  --  Correct

3. Who founded PayPal?

Elon Musk  --  Correct

4. What technology is transforming financial advisory services using Chatbots and Natural Language Processing

Robo Advisor  --  Correct

5. The technology that allows companies to place ads on somebody else's website using cookies is called?

Retargeting  --  Correct

6. The category of Machine Learning/AI algorithms used to detect insurance fraud is called?

Anomaly Detection  --  Correct

7. What technology enables Amazon to identify which product has been picked up by which customer from their new Amazon: Go store

All  --  Correct

8. What disruptive service, now available to everyone, was originally created to run and manage

Amazon Web Services  --  Correct

9. The business model that leverages the power of social networks and reduced cost of discovery and coordination is called?

The Sharing Economy  --  Correct

10. Which of these companies holds the record for being the largest provider of accommodation during the Football world cup in Brazil in 2014

Airbnb  --  Correct

11. 5G Networks will enable

All the options  --  Correct

12. The largest and most successful ever launch (in terms of revenue in the first 24 hours) of an entertainment product till date is

Fallout 4 (the game)  --  Correct

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