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1. What is ChatOps ?


2. ChatOps helps in _________

All the options mentioned options mentioned

3. Compare the notifications triggered during Exercise 1 and Exercise 2. Which of the following notification to slack are missing when the GitHub repository is updated in authed mode vs. unauthed mode.

Pull Notification

4. Merge the Pull request in GitHub for the updates made to starfeature branch. Which channels would receive notification for this event?

stakeholders and starprojectteam

5. Delete the branch starfeature in GitHub. Which channels would receive notification for this event?


6. Create a New Pull Request. Review the changes between master and starfeature branch, and confirm by clicking Create pull request. Which channels would receive notification for this event?

stakeholders and starprojectteam

7. Update the file in the GitHub Branch starfeature and Commit the updates. Which channels would receive notification for this event?


8. Which of the following is not an ideal target to automate through ChatOps

Auto Scaling Servers

9. Can Chatbot be used by a restaurant to take customer orders and make menu items suggestions.


10. Which of the following is not a ChatClient


11. Few Channels in Slack are listed with a lock symbol in the Explorer, because these channels are ___________.


12. Which of the following tools can not be integrated into ChatOps.


13. Which of the following activities can be automated through ChatOps

Creating and Tracking Issues

14. "ChatOps primary aim is to move conversations away from e-mail and into business chat tools." Is this statement correct?


15. ChatOps is a collaboration model which offers a single and persistent location, for ___________ to collaborate with each other.

People, Bots and Tools

16. Through ChatOps, communication can be bi-directional. i.e. users can submit commands from the chat room to the bots, which direct the commands to the respective systems; the systems can automatically push status to the chat room directly.


17. Through ChatOps, collaboration is tied to the IT systems and processes, therefore making it more ____________.

All of the options mentioned

18. Which of the following Bots are written in Ruby


19. Through Chat Client, users can

All the options mentioned

20. Which of the following are the technical benefits that the teams can realize by adapting ChatOps

All the options mentioned

21. Which of the following is the main consideration while choosing a Chatbot?

All the options mentioned

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