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NoSQL - Database Revolution MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. Hbase main server components include all except _

Hbase Memstore - Correect

2. In column-oriented stores, data is stored on a basis.

Column Family - Correct

3. In Hbase, 'Columns' are named and specified in table definition.

Fales ------ Correct

4. HBase Tables are divided _ by row key range into .

horizontally - regions  ----------- Correct

5. Columnar databases are preferable for OLTP systems.

False - Correct

6. Cassandra allows to define composite Primary Keys.

True - Correct

7. Pre-join projection is equivalent to as in traditional relational systems.

Materialized view - Correct

8. In a column-database a row is being uniquely identified by __.

Row-key - Correct

9. In Cassandra, the ___ determines how many copies of the data will be maintained across multiple nodes.

Replication factor - Correct

10. The column store has to perform _ IO to insert a new value.

as many disk blocks ----- Correct

11. The row store needs to perform _ IO to insert a new value.

Single  --- Correct

12. In a columnar database, the columns are stored together on disk, achieving a higher compression ratio is an expensive operation.

False  ----- Correct

13. A column-database used to store __ versions of each cells.

Multiple ----- Correct


14. NoSQL databases are designed to expand _

horizontally  --- Correct

15. Horizontal scaling approach tends to be cheaper as the number of operations and the size of the data increases.

True  --- Correct

16. Distributes different data across multiple servers.

Sharding  --- Correct

17. Limitations of RDBMS are .

Scalability/Database design complexity    --- Correct

18. Full-form of 'CRUD' is _.

Create-Read-Update-Delete  --  Correct


19. Key-value pair data storages include all except .

Network Attached Storage

20. Cassandra has properties of both and __ 

Google Bigtable / Amazon Dynamo

21. A Riak convergent replicated data type (CRDT) includes.


22. A Key-value store does not support Secondary Indexes.


23. The RDBMS 'table' equivalent terminology in Riak is .



24. In MongoDB, there is a similar feature of 'like' expression as like RDBMS

False  --- Correct

25. The MATCH clause is roughly equivalent to the clause in SQL and the RETURN clause to a _ clause.

Where, Select  ---- Correct

26. ______ is a syntax for retrieving specific elements from an XML document.

Xpath   ----  Correct

27. MongoDB read/write performance can be tuned with the help of Stored Procedures.

False  --- Correct

28. An RDBMS equivalent component for a "document identifier" in a Document database:

Foreign Key-value  -- Correct

29. An RDBMS equivalent component for a "document" in a Document database:

Row  ---  Correct

30. Document databases split a document into its constituent name/value pairs for indexing purpose.

False   -----  Correct

31. An RDBMS equivalent component for a "collection" in a Document database:

Tables  --- Correct

32. JSON documents are built up of _.

Both the option   --- Correct


33. Only Nodes have properties in Graph database.

False  --- Correct

34. The major components of a Graph include all except _.

JSON  ---  Correct

35. Cypher query language is associated with __

Neo4j  --- Correct

36. Neo4j architecture is a self-driven and independent architecture because of __

Both the options   ---  Correct

37. Graph databases are generally built for use with .

OLTP  ---  Correct


38. Hbase Data blocks metadata information are being maintained by _ .

NameNodes  ---  Correct

39. Hbase Region assignment operation is being handled by _.

Hbase Master  ---  Correct

40. In case of a Strict consistency, a read will always return the most recent data value.


41. Sorted Column store would provide higher compression ratio by representing each column as compared to the preceding one.

Delta  --- Correct

42. Some of the common Read Consistency level in Cassandra include all except __.


43. Some of the common Write Consistency level in Cassandra include all except ___.

ONE|TWO|THREE  --  Wrong

44. The equivalent Hbase structure of an in-memory tree in Log-structured Merge Trees is 

Hfile   ----  Wrong

45. ____are replicated to allow failover in MongoDB.


46. Read overhead in a Columnar database can be partly reduced by Multicolumn projection and _.

Sorted Column  ---  Wrong

47. In Cassandra, if the replication factor is 3, the coordinator will send replicas of the data item to the next _ nodes on the ring.

2 (n-1)  --- Correct

48. Wiredtiger storage engine is a part of ___.

MongoDB  ---  Correct

49. Kudu can be accessed via all except _.


50. The equivalent Hbase structure of an on-disk trees in Log-structured Merge Trees is ___.


51. In case of an Eventual consistency, reads may not return the most recent value, but reads will not return values “out of sequence.”

Fales  --  Correct

52. Transactional integrity is relevant in case of batch-centric Hadoop-based analytics on warehoused data.

False  -- Correct

53. Riak demonstrates dual nature of

key/value store and a document database  ---  Correct

54. Cassandra's Gossip Protocol can take care of the heartbeat lost due to _ in a widely distributed system.

Both node failure and network issue  --  Correct

55. The process through which the on-disk tree files periodically merged to create larger consolidated stores is called __.

Compaction    --- Correct

56. In Riak, consistency model is implemented

Eventual   ---  Correct

57. Like most relational databases, Kudu also offers secondary indexes and uniqueness constraints.

False  ---  Correct

58. Hbase DDL Operations (create, delete tables) are maintained by ___.

Hbase Master  ---  Correct

59. Cassandra lightweight transactions (LWT) supports pattern.

Compare-and-set  --  Correct

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