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1. Identify the key aspects for a successful service discovery solution

All the options mentioned

2. Service Discovery can perform the following for the services

All the options mentioned

3. Which of the registration patterns is best suited for complex architecture

Third party registration pattern

4. Identify the right service registry solutions that supports discovery


5. In _ pattern, clients connect with the backend services directly

Client side discovery pattern

6. _ supports load balancing in addition to service discovery


7. Is it possible for any service discovery tool to satisfy all the three guarantees (Consistency, Availability, Partition) in a distributed environment?

No. Only two of the guarantees can be achieved

8. In distributed systems, to service any Read / Write request, a leader node is mandatory. Is this statement correct

No. Leader node is required for only for write request

9. The process of consensus in distributed systems is essential to achieve

All the options mentioned

10. In distributed systems, knowing that partition can always occur, what kind of service discovery tool would you prefer?

One that follows AP (Availability, Partition)

11. In server side discovery pattern, load balancing and routing of the request to the service instances is taken care of by the service discovery tool itself. Is it true or false?


12. Service registration can happen by how many ways


13. Can an external service or process poll for all the services and update the service registry for discovery?

Yes, it is possible

14. How can one ensure high availability of service discovery solution so that services can be easily discovered even in the event of any failure scenarios. (I) Service registry information exchange among clusters. (II) Service clients caching the service registry information

I & II

15. _ is the foundation for proper monitoring, load balancing and routing in distributed systems

Collecting the application functionality details

16. _ is associated to every user request to track the service requests placed by the users

Instance Id

17. Identify the correct properties of consensus

All the options mentioned

18. AWS Elastic Load Balancer(ELB) is an example following _ pattern of service discovery

Server side discovery pattern

19. _ is an election algorithm in which a coordinator is elected by highest process id silencing the other nodes in the system

Palos Algorithm

20. What happens when heart beat from any service instance is not received by the service register

The instance is disregarded for service availability

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