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AngularJS Packaging and Testing MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

AngularJS Packaging and Testing MCQs Solution  |  TCS Fresco Play

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1. Which one of these is a Bower Concept?


2. The following is the syntax of installing a Component in Bower

Bower install componenet name

3. In Package.json, to include the latest version we can use


4. Grunt runs tasks using Temporary files which are disk I/O operations.


5. Grunt Relies on

Both of the options

6. Bower was introduced by engineers at:


7. app folder contains _____________________ and tests folder contains ______________________

Script Files, Tests

8. This will act as a type of documentation because it describes the expected behavior of the functions and modules.

Unit Testing

9. When will you start writing the unit test?


10. This is all about splitting your code into small testable modules with each module having its own functionality and level of abstraction.


11. This one allows you to inject and mock angular services to help you test your application


12. The testing framework we have used in our course is


13. Testing an individual working part of a source code is called

Unit Testing

14. What will be the output of the following snippet , if we pass 3e,5

invalide args

15. To run the test, we have to type

Run Jasmine

16. The following code is used to install protractor "npm install -g protractor"


17. The E2E testing framework for AngularJS is


18. Protractor is built on top of


19. Bower is a new package manager for

Client side comp

20. In AngularJS, a controller can be tested with

Karma, Jasmine

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