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Design Pattern MCQs Solution  |  TCS Fresco Play

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1. The final stage in Bootcamp Bootleg process is


2. Being an experimental phase, here continuous iterations can take place. Which phase is being referred to?


3. 4D UX methodology is not an iterative process


4. ------------------ helps the design team and client to visualize and handle a design concept, and also to get an idea of it’s physical presence and tactile qualities.


5. Empathy is critical because

it allows design thinkers to set aside his or her own assumptions about the world in order to gain insight into users and their needs

6. 4D UX methodology was initially coined by Stanford d. school


7. Design Thinking is a non-linear process


8. Each phase in a design thinking process is ___________ in nature

None of the options

9. _________________ is a way to narrow down thoughts to a final solution

Convergent thinking

10. Each phase in a design thinking process is ___________ in nature


11. This approach brings in the 'thinking mechanism' aspect into the process

Bootcamp Bootleg

12. Design thinking is mainly suitable for developing creative and crazy product innovations


13. Design thinking is not an exclusive property of designers


14. Tom is a designer at ABC firm. He is assigned with the task of designing a protective head gear targeted at workers of construction industry. With plenty of design thinking mechanisms at his disposal, he has the liberty to choose any one out of them and proceed. Keeping in mind, the risks involved in recalling the product due to poor design, he has to stick to a robust design mechanism. Out of the design thinking mechanisms that you have learned in the course, which one do you think would best fit Tom's purpose?

4D UX methodology

15. At the delivery phase, we test  Prototypes should not be demonstrated and tested in other departments with in the organization to maintain secrecy


16. Design Thinking typically does not provide a solution-based approach to solving problems.


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