Digital Marketing Primer MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play


Digital Marketing Primer MCQs Solution  |  TCS Fresco Play

Disclaimer: The primary purpose of providing this solution is to assist and support anyone who are unable to complete these courses due to a technical issue or a lack of expertise. This website's information or data are solely for the purpose of knowledge and education.

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All Question of the MCQs Present Below for Ease Use Ctrl + F with the question name to find the Question. All the Best!

1. Digital Marketing helps to improve __________

All the options mentioned

2. Paid Search Marketing is about Bidding and Buying relevant keywords.


3. Retargeting platforms enable advertisers to _____

All the options mentioned

4. Which of the following aims at influencing users who have already begun their research on sites like Google, but not necessary that they have visited a brand site.

Search Retargeting

5. Customizing ads to people who had earlier visited the site is ___


6. Real time Biding is a form of Programmatic Buying.


7. Facebook Adverts is an advertising platform that can deliver ads on ___

Both Facebook and Instagram

8. Google Ad Auction rewards advertisers with _

High Ad Rank

9. Which of the following design approaches help in building sites that are optimized for varied screen sizes?

Responsive Web Design

10. Which of the following capabilities are offered by Web Content Management Tools?

All the options mentioned

11. Which of the following Strategies have higher control on sites/pages getting listed in Google SERPs?

Both of the options mentioned

12. Social Media Analytics can help in _________.

All the options mentioned

13. When done right, In-game advertising can establish deeper connect with the player.


14. Which of the following social platforms offer a higher reach to the millennials.


15. The objective of In-game advertising is to drive sales.


16. Which of the following is most important for the success of Digital Marketing?

Customer Experience

17. Which of the following techniques can be used to target customers who bypass search engines and directly navigate to sites related to your product?


18. By reading through the customer reviews of a product on Amazon, a customer forms a ___

Perception about the product

19. Which of the following platforms can be used by advertisers to bid and purchase ad impressions across ad exchanges?

Demand Side Platform

20. Paid Search Marketing is completely driven by Google.


21. Which of the following involves, the use of technology platforms to automate buying and selling of media?

Programmatic Advertising

22. Ads that play in the beginning, end or in mid of youtube videos are _

In Stream Ads

23. Main objective of Digital Marketing is to _______

None of the options mentioned

24. In Google AdWords, which of the following factors is an important factor for winning the auction

Bid Value and Quality Score

25. Which of the following is not a Social Media Management Tool?


26. Which of the following is not an open source WCM


27. Designing a site for Mobile is very similar to Web


28. Facebook Adverts allows advertisers to _

All the options mentioned

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