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Native React MCQ Solution  |  TCS Fresco Play

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1. React Native is not having third-party plugin compatibility


2. React Native is ‘learn once, run anywhere’.


3. What is the main difference between React and React Native?

a.ReactJS is a Library where react native is a framework.

4. It is compulsory to install Xcode or Android studio for react native mobile application development.


5. Developer of React Native is


6. AppRegistry is the JavaScript exit point to run all React Native apps.


7. JSX is JavaScript with a syntax extension which allows a mixture between _______________ and ___________.

a.JavaScript and XML tags

8. Which method is called when a component is being removed from the DOM?


9. _______________ is a component that enable navigation between different screens in the applications.


10. Which of the following properties Flex box Layout has?

a.All of the above

11. With React Native,you just style your application using _______________


12. The _______________ file defines some metadata for our project and, most importantly, declares react-native as a dependency of our own project


13. One of the benefits of React Native vs. Native Development is that React Native has the live reload ability


14. In React Native, Geolocation API is available through the _______________ global, so you do not need to import it.


15. In Reactive forms, the HTML of the forms are automatically created.


16.React Native supports DOM and Virtual DOM concept.


17.What type of data does a ListView take?

a.Data Source

18.Which of the following is not a React Native API?


19.React Native is like other Hybrid Apps which are actually slower than Native mobile apps


20.Which method retrieves automatic updates about the current location of the device?


21.For networking needs, React Native framework provides the fetch API.


22.Which Objective C file can be used to switch the React Native bundle location in


23._______________ is an architectural pattern that enforces unidirectional data flow


24.React Native is ‘learn once, write anywhere’.


25.You can use any CSS in the styles of the React Native StyleSheet object.


26.FormsModule is imported from @angular/_______ in Model Driven Form

a.Forms  this is wrong

27.Which command you have to run for installing React Native?

a.npm install -g react-native-cli

28.To build an iOS app, you need a Mac OS and to build an android app you want 

a.Any one of these

29.How do you create a new React Native project?

a.$ react-native init

30.Live Reloading and Hot Loading is present in React Native Developer Tools.


31._______________ captures user touch events

a.None of these

32.AppRegistry is the JavaScript entry point for running all React Native apps


33.By writing CSS in JavaScript, you are isolating styles from

a.Code / package  is wrong

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