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Sparks MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

Sparks MCQs Solution  |  TCS Fresco Play

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1. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic shared by Hadoop and Spark?

Both have their own file system

2. Spark is 100x faster than MapReduce due to development in Scala

False  In-memory computing

3. What year was Apache Spark made an open source technology?


4. What kind of data can be handled by Spark ?

All the above

5. Which of the following application types can Spark run in addition to batch-processing jobs?

All the options

6. Spark has API's in?

All the options

7. Choose correct statement

Execution starts with the call of Action

8. The transformation which produces one output value for each input value and the operation which produces an arbitrary number values for each input value.


9. RDD is

All the options

10. Which action returns all the elements of the dataset as an array.


11. Identify correct transformation

All the options

12. Choose correct statement about RDD

RDD is a distributed data structure

13. Spark can store its data in?

All the options

14. We can edit the data of RDD like conversion to uppercase


15. Which action returns all the elements of the dataset as an array.

An instance of the Spark SQL execution engine that integrates with data stored in Hive:


16. Benefits of using appropriate file formats in Spark

All the options

17. Spark can integrate with which of the following data storage systems?

All the options

18. Spark supports loading data from Hbase.


19. Which of the following file formats are supported by Spark ?

All the option 

20. To launch a Spark application in any one of the four modes(local, standalone, MESOS or YARN) use


21. Which is responsible for task scheduling and memory management ?

Spark Core

22. Types of operations that can be performed on RDDs

Action and Map

23. Which of the following Scala statement would be most appropriate to load the data (sfpd.txt) into an RDD? Assume that SparkContext is available as the variable “sc” and SQLContext as the variable “sqlContext.”

val sfpd=sc.textFile(“/path to file/sfpd.txt”)

24. Which tells spark how and where to access a cluster

Spark Context

25. Which of the following is true of running a Spark application on Hadoop YARN?

There are two deploy modes that can be used to launch Spark applications on YARN – client mode and cluster mode.

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