Automation with Gulp MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play


Automation with Gulp MCQs Solution  |  TCS Fresco Play

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1. How does installing Gulp globally help?

Helps to run

2. Before installation of Gulp, installation of _____________ acts as pre-requisite


3. Between Grunt and Gulp, which is relatively fast?


4. Which Streams provide ability to both read and write?


5. How many types of Streams are available?


6. Streams are Asynchronous. Is this True or False?



7. While installing gulp, the first installation step would be ________.

$npm install gulp g

8. Streams which play vital role in gulp, has its origin from __________.


9. The default task representation in gulp will be like _________.


10. Streams are represented as _________.


11. While installing gulp with $npm install gulp --save-dev, what does --save-dev represents?

.json updated

12. Which plugin notifies whenever there is any change in file?


13. Which command in the CLI will trigger the 'default` task?


14. Which task would be called in gulp, by default?


15. Compression of images could be easily achieved using which gulp plug-in?


16. Which plugin helps in task dependencies?

No plugin

17. The main objective of compressing (images / CSS / JavaScript) is to help with ____________.

All of the option

18. Which helps with sequencing the tasks one bye one?


19. Which package helps in minifying the CSS?


20. gulp.src in gulpfile.js refers to ______.

Source location file to be acted upon

21. gulp-concat helps with __________

concatenation in given location

22. In-memory caching is enabled with the help of which gulp plug-in?


23. Organizing the gulp plug-ins can be easily achieved through

gulp load plugins

24. To convert .svg icons into fonts, gulp provides ________ plug-in


25. Which streams help to pass data to writable /duplex / transform streams?


26. The default task / plug-ins in gulp are mentioned in this ______ file.


27. Which plug-in has optimizers and compressors?


28. How to check if gulp has been installed successfully?

gulp -v

29. The different kinds of Streams include ______________.

read, write, duplex, classic, transform

30. While installing the gulp using the syntax npm install gulp --save-dev, ________section of _________ is updated.

devDependencies, package.json


31. Which among the following helps to compile into .CSS format?

Both of the options

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