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Informatica MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

Informatica MCQs Solution  |  TCS Fresco Play

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1) Which of the following statements is correct on workflow events?

C. A predefined (or file-wait) Event Wait waits for a file to appear at the specified location. As soon as the file appears, it is deleted and the subsequent task will start.

2) The HTTP Transformation supports which HTTP Methods? (Choose all that apply) Choose 2 answers


3) Which of following statements is valid for Dynamic lookups?
A. Dynamic caching cannot be enabled on a lookup that returns multiple rows per search

4) What function could be used to exchange ‘i’ with ‘I’ in the COMPANY port given the following expression? functionname{1, COMPANY, ‘i’ , ‘I’)

5) Which port types are applicable to the Stored Procedure transformation?(Choose all that apply) Choose 3 answers
A. lnput
B. Output
D. Return

6) In which of the following selections are all of the transformations active?
D. Router, Update Strategy, Joiner

7) Referring to an Unconnected Lookup transformation: Which one of the following is true? (choose one)
C. An unconnected lookup may return only one value while a connected lookup may return multiple rows

8) Which of the following are supported file types, from which, an XML definition can be imported? Choose 3 answers

9) Which of these statements on worklets is correct?
A. Worklets can be nested

10) An Update Strategy transformation has the Forward Rejected Rows attribute unchecked. Which statement is correct and true?
B. Records that are tagged for rejection are dropped and not projected downstream to the next transformation

11) An Unconnected Stored Procedure can run in the following fashions?(Choose all that apply) Choose 3 answers
A. From an expression
B. As a Post-Session SQL command
C. As a Pre-Session SQL command

12) Which of the following Is NOT true of Aggregate functions?
A. You can place an aggregate function in a variable port

13) Which statement on workflows is correct?
In a default configuration, a workflow parameter file overrides all parameter files in underlying sessions

14) Which of these statements is correct concerning a Lookup transformation’s persistent cache?
A. A persistent cache is stored on disk, and must be named to make it useable in multiple mappings

15) Assuming that the Master Pipeline has 5 fields, two of which are part of the join condition and that all fields are connected downstream to the next transformation, how many fields are in the index and data cache files?
A. 5 fields are in the index cache and 3 are in the data cache

16) Which of the following techniques could be used to filter data read from a flat file source?
B. Place a Filter transformation directly after the flat file’s Source Qualifier

17) Transformation: Referring to Active and Passive characteristics – Select the statement which is correct and true.
D. A passive transformation will not change the number of rows in the pipeline

18) The word FALSE is a valid Filter transformation condition?
B. False

19) What function would transform 12.99 to 13.0 and 15.44 to 15.4? (choose one)

20) In the TO_CHAR (date) function, what do the format strings D, DD, and DDD produce? (choose one)
D. Numerical day of week, day of month, and day of year respectively

21) Which statement is correct regarding User-Defined Functions (UDF)?
A. A UDF name can contain letters, numbers and underscores

22) Which of the following PowerCenter applications is browser-based in the Informatica 9.x environment?
B. Informatica Administrator

23) A Router transformation has the following group filter conditions:
The InputValue Is an integer port. Identify which of the following statements is correct. (Choose one)
B. If InputValue = 2, the output will be routed to both groups A and B

24) Subqueries can be used in the SQL override for uncached lookup transformations.
B. False

25) Which attributes of a reusable Expression transformation can be edited within the Mapping Designer workspace?
B. The transformation’s name or the tracing level

26) What does the function SETVARIABLE ($$Variable, value) do?
D. Assign the value to $$Variable, unless the value is null

27) A workflow has a session task. Both workflow and session each have been assigned a different parameter file. Which value will be set for $$ParameterValue in the session when using the following two parameter files?"
Workflow Parameter file:
[Global] $$ParameterValue=l
[Session] $$ParameterValue=2
Session Parameter file:
[Global] $$ParameterValue=3
[Session] $$ParameterValue=4
A. 1

28) The Informatics Date/Time datatype supports values up to which level? (choose one)
C. Nanosecond

29) Regarding the Sorter transformation and assuming that Powercenter is not utilizing Pushdown Optimization, select the statement which is correct and true:
A. When the distinct check box is selected, every port in the sorter transformation will have the sort key selection enabled

30) Referring to a lookup transformation: Which of the following statements are true and correct?
B. The lookup index cache file contains a searchable index of the records based on the lookup condition

31) When using the Joiner transformation and assuming that you are not employing the Push Down Optimization feature, which statement is correct?
B. The data from the master pipeline is used to build the cache files used in the join process

32) Referring to the Java transformation: select the statement below which is correct and true.
A. The Integration Service starts a JVM that executes the byte code to process data

33) A Pipeline Normalizer transformation will reflect one input port for each occurs value which Is greater than 1.
A. True

34) Which of the following statments are valid for Active and Passive Transformations? Choose 2 answers
A. A transformation is active if It rearranges the order of the rows in the pipeline
D. A passive transformation will not change the number of rows in the pipeline

35) Please choose one of the following. In a static, non-multi-row lookup,
A. lf a lookup search does not find a value in the search data, then the row from which the search is produced is dropped so a balanced pipeline can be produced
B. If a lookup search finds the search value in the lookup data but discovers that the fields that are being returned from the search are null, then the row from which the search is produced is dropped so that a balanced pipeline can be produced
C. If the lookup finds two records that match the search key, it will return two records
D. None of the above

36) By default workflows always have a run status of succeeded. Identify the methods to change the run status of the workflow. For the puposes of this question, assume there are no worklets in the workflow.
C. Use an assignment task to call the ERROR() function

37) Refering to the Lookup transformation, which statement is correct and true?
B. The lookup condition defines the fields that are used in the search of the data

38) Referring to the Sequence Generator transformation, which statement is correct and true?
A. The NextVal column produces the next number in the sequence

39) Which combination of Transaction Control transformation and target type results in an invalid mapping? (choose one)
B. MS target

40) Which of the following statements regarding mapplets are correct and true?
B. A mapplet can contain a source definition as well as a source qualifier

41) Which command line tool would you use to import a workflow into a repository?
D. pmrep

42) How does a single joiner transformation join data?
A. From 2 pipeline inputs

43) From within your folder, is it possible to make a non-reusable copy of a reusable transformation for use in a mapping?
C. Yes, by first selecting the reusable object and while dragging the object into your mapping, hold the Ctrl key down

44) Referring to the SQL Transformation: which statements is correct and true.
A. The SQL transformation in script mode can execute sql scripts containing individual select statements that return more than one record to the pipeline
B. The SQL transformation in query mode can execute multiple SQL statements where components of the SQL Statement can vary from one execution to the next
C. In PowerCenter 9 the SQL transformation, in query mode, can only be active
D. When you bind a parameter to an input port, you identify the port by name in the query. The SQL Editor encloses the name in exclamation question marks (!)

45) Can you use a Decode function to perform multiple searches based on a single search value?
B. Yes

46) The constant DD_INSERT may be used in an expression within which transformation or transformations? (choose one)
B. Update Strategy

47) What is the first column of the bad file?
D. Row Indicator

48) Which of the following is true about database connections?
A. Connections may only be created in the Workflow Manager for PowerCenter Repositories and only in the Developer for the MRS

49) Referring to Informatica Domain Architecture, select the statement which is correct and true.
B. The OS process that is running after the service manager is started is called pmserver

50) Of the statements below, which best describes the underlying process taken when a user connects to a PowerCenter Repository Service for the first time? For the puposes of this question, the PowerCenter Developer is the only PowerCenter client application running, there are 2 nodes in the domain, node 1 is a gateway node and node 2 is a worker node. The PowerCenter Repository Service is running on the worker node.
B. The user connects to the service manager of the gateway node, and after authentication and authorization, is re- Assigned to the Repository Service

51) Which of the following is not a Transaction Control Variable?

52) When would a Lookup transformation be classified as active?
C. When the lookup is configured to return multiple rows

53) If after running a session task, it has been determined that the incorrect mapping was run for that session task, which of the following actions could be attempted?
A. Edit the session task and from the General tab, choose the correct mapping to reassociate with the session task, then Save and rerun the process

54) The user creates a mapping by using aggregator transformation. The aggregator transformation receives sorted input from sorted transformation. What is the dafault partition type for aggregator transformation?
B. Hash auto-keys

55) When the Transformation Scope is set to All Input, which group of transformations listed below will always cause an upstream Transaction Control transformation to become ineffective? (choose one)
D. Joiner, Rank, Sorter

56) Given a Union transformation with 2 input groups, which statement is correct and true?
A. Both input groups must have matching ports. The precision, datatype, and scale must be identical across both input groups.

57) A user needs to compare mappings across two folders using the comparsion tool in PowerCenter Designer. What does the user account need in order to successfully complete the comparsion action? (Given that the user account has been granted the ability to use PowerCenter Designer)
B. Read permissions on the two folders as well as have both folders opened

58) Which one of the following transformations may be unconnected In a valid mapping? (choose one)
A. Lookup, stored procedure, external procedure

59) Using the Properties view of a Session task from the Workflow Monitor, the reason for a session’s failure can possibly be determined?
A. True

60) What is a pipeline lookup transformation?
C. A lookup associated with the Source Qualifier or an Application source such as JMS or SAP

61) Which of the following is a reusable task available in workflow manager?
B. Assignment

62) Which command line tool would you use to power a workflow?
C. pmcmd

63) Which is the correct priority of assigning a mapping variable?
A. Workflow parameter file, session parameter file, pre-session assignment, repository value, declared initial value, default value

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