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Python Packages and Data Access MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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Python Packages and Data Access MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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Data Science/DATA SCIENCE BASICS/Python Packages and Data Access

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Final Assessment

1.How many components are present in SQLAlchemy?

  1. 2
  2. 5
  3. 3
  4. 1
  5. 4

 Answer: 1)2

2.Which of the following identifier is used to identify whitespace around words in regular expressions?

  1. \w
  2. \b
  3. \D
  4. \s
  5. \S

Answer: 1)\w

3.Which of the following package contains permutations?

  1. datetime
  2. sys
  3. collections
  4. shutils
  5. itertools

Answer: 5)itertools

4.Safe pickling is used because, by default, a class or function present in pickle data is imported.

  1. FALSE
  2. TRUE

Answer: 2)TRUE

5.Which of the following analyses only the beginning of a string?

  2. re.findall
  3. re.compile
  4. re.match
  5. None of the options

Answer: 4)re.match

6.If you copy a file from one folder to another with the same file name using shutil, the file will be overwritten.

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

Answer: 1)TRUE

7.Which of the following specifies the number of connections in a connection pool?

  1. pool_size
  2. encoding
  3. isolation_level
  4. max_overflow
  5. echo

Answer: 1)pool_size

8.Which of the following is used to load a file?

  1. json.dumps
  2. json.loads
  3. None of the options
  4. json.load

Answer: 4)json.load

9.Which of the following is used to get named entries into a tuple?

  1. deque
  2. counter
  3. OrderedDict
  4. namedtuple
  5. chainmap

Answer: 4)namedtuple

10.In SQLAlchemy Raw SQL, CRUD operations are performed by using?

  1. Raw statements
  2. None of the options
  3. SQL syntax
  4. Python statements

Answer: 2)None of the options

11.Which of the following parameter is not present in datetime.time?

  1. Second
  2. Hour
  3. Microsecond
  4. Millisecond
  5. Minute

Answer: 4)Millisecond

12.Which of the following enables “.” that matches newline?

  1. re.S
  2. re.M
  3. re.I
  4. re.U
  5. re.L

Answer: 1)re.S

13.Which of the following is used to request data from a server?

  1. Cookies
  2. Session objects
  3. Headers
  4. GET
  5. POST

Answer: 4)GET

14.You can overwrite a file despite moving a file from one folder to another.

  1. FALSE
  2. TRUE

Answer: 2)TRUE

15.Which of the following command is used to combine both date and time?

  2. combine
  3. date
  4. datetime.datetime.combine
  5. time

Answer: 4)datetime.datetime.combine

16.Which of the following command is used to change the location of a file from one folder to another?

  1. shutil.copy
  2. shutil.overwrite
  3. None of the options
  4. shutil.move

Answer: 4)shutil.move

17.Which of the following enables to rename a directory?

  1. getcwd
  2. mkdir
  3. rename
  4. rmdir
  5. os.rename

Answer: 5)os.rename

18.Psycopg2 and pg80000 are the drivers for ______________.

  1. MySQL
  2. None of the options
  3. MSSQL
  4. PostgreSQL

Answer: 4)PostgreSQL

19.Which of the following command is used to print error text?

  1. None of the options
  2. sys.stderr
  3. stderr
  4. sys.stdout
  5. sys.argv

Answer: 4)sys.stdout

20.Which of the following is used to pass arguments to a Python file by using command line?

  1. os.mkdir
  2. os.getcwd
  3. sys.argv
  4. sys.stderr
  5. os.rename

Answer: 3)sys.argv

21.Which of the following provides a pipe to access a file directly?

  1. os.error
  2. os.popen
  3. os.close

Answer: 2)os.popen

22.What are the major benefits of using SQLAlchemy?

  1. Simple logic
  2. Cleaner code
  3. All the options
  4. Secure code

Answer: 3)All the options

23.Which of the following is considered an optimized list?

  1. OrderedDict
  2. namedtuple
  3. counter
  4. deque
  5. chainmap

Answer: 4)deque

24.Pickle cannot store class objects.

  1. FALSE
  2. TRUE

Answer: 1)FALSE

25.os.mkdir enables to create a new file.

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

Answer: 2)FALSE

26.In SQLAlchemy, performing operations using Raw SQL is easier.

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

Answer: 2)FALSE

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