AWS Essentials MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play


 AWS Essentials MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

AWS Essentials MCQ Solutions | TCS Fresco Play

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1. What are the measures to be taken to ensure maximum availability?

--> Auto scaling in different Azs

2. What does ARN stand for?

--> Amazon Resource Name

3. All Amazon services supports region?

--> False

4. Which is more secure?

--> VPC security group

5. Does Stopping and Terminating instances have same effect?

--> False

6. How do you access data on Elastic block storage?

--> only from an EC2

7. In S3, what does RRS stand for?

--> Reduced Redundancy Storage

8. Difference between instance store and EBS

--> once the instance is stopped and started, the data in instance storage is lost. Whereas, the data in EBS persists

9. Route S3 can be used to route users to infrastructure outside of AWS

--> true

10. What is the maximum length of a file name in S3?

--> UTF-8 1024 bytes long

11. What does S3 stand for?

--> Simple Storage Service

12. Which AWS services will you use to collect and process e-commerce data for near real-time analysis?

--> Both DynamoDB & Redshift

13. EC2 stands for

--> Elastic Compute Cloud

14. Amazon S3 is a,

--> Key-Based object store

15. What is the maximum size of the S3 bucket?

--> 5 TB

16. Why do you make subnets?

--> To efficiently utilize networks that have a large no. of hosts

17. What is an AMI?

--> Amazon Machine Image

18. What are the uses of Amazon Glazier?

--> Fast computing

19. You are using an S3 bucket through which you are running a photo sharing website. It is found that some of other sites owners also using you bucket URL and causing a loss to you business. How will you protect your buckets content from unauthorized usage?

--> Utilize bucket polices, ACLs, and user policies

20. Only 1024 objects can be placed on S3 bucket?

--> False

21. Autoscaling is enabled through

--> CloudWatch

22. Which of the following is not true about Elastic Load Balancing

--> Can be enabled only in a single availability zone

23. What metrics can be monitored through cloudwatch without being charged?

--> disk, CPU, data transfer

24. Which service in AWS allows you to create and delete stacks of AWS resources which are defined in templates?

--> CloudFormation

25. Amazon CloudFormation is a:

--> Application service

26. What happens when content is not present at an edge location and a request is made to it?

--> CloudFront delivers the content directly from the origin server and stores it in the cache of the edge location

27. Which of these services will help in better availability

--> RDS and EBS

28. Which of these services are used to distribute content to end users using a global network of edge locations?

--> CloudFront

29. How can you restrict the access to the contents delivered in cloudfront?

--> SNS and SES

30. A highly available and scalable domain name system web service

--> Amazon Route 53

31. You are serving content from CloudFront. Which of the following happens to an end user's request?

--> The user's requests are routed to the edge location in the country from which the request originates

32. Which of the following is not true about Amazon Glacier

--> Services enables rapid disaster recovery

33. Service that connects on-premises software appliances with cloud based storage

--> AWS Storage Gateway

34. Difference between instance store and EBS

--> once the instance is stopped and started, the data in instance storage is lost. Whereas, the data in EBS persists.

35. How will you secure the data at rest in EBS?

--> restrict access using IAM that prevents write operations to the EBS

36. If I want my instance to run on a single-tenant hardware, which value do I have to set the instance tenancy attribute to?

--> dedicated

37. When to choose C4 instances?

--> High compute and High memory footprint

38. When you need to move data over long distances using the internet, for instance across countries or continents to your Amazon S3 bucket, which method or service will you use?

--> Amazon Transfer Acceleration

39. Certain traditional software vendors to market solutions as Cloud Computing which does not actually meet the key characteristics highlighted by NIST. This phenomenon is known as

--> Cloud-washing

40. I have some private servers on my premises, also I have distributed some of my workload on the public cloud, what is this architecture called?

--> Hybrid Cloud

41. Developers and organizations all around the world leverage extensively

--> PaaS

42. The committee which designs the standards & characteristics for the cloud computing is

--> NIST

43. Cloud-computing providers offer their services as

--> IaaS,Paas,Saas

44. mixes the simplicity of with the power of , to great effect.

--> PaaS,SaaS,IaaS

45. How can you integrate IAM with data centers security?

--> SAML

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