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Cucumber V2 MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | 0.6 Credits

Cucumber V2 MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | 0.6 Credits

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Cucumber V2 Fresco Play MCQs Solution

 1. BDD concept was given by : Dan North

2. BDD stands for : Behavior Driven Development 

3. TDD is derived from BDD: False

4. What does POM stand for? : Project Object Model 

5. What does CLI stand for? Command Line Interface

6. Gherkin supports : around 60 well known languages But is used to : Remove repetitive Then

To define the random digit, . : \\d+

In our script file @Given ends with .: $

7. Cucumber dependencies need . : All the options 

8. Gherkin is . : Both simple and light weight 

9. Gherkin is a - language : Line-oriented

10. Scenario is used in file for : define description

11. To define the executable java file we call it in . : @RunWith()

12. Maven command to create Java project is : -DgroupID DartifactID (both capitalized) 

13. Cucumber supports .: All the options

14. Description is used in file for . : Write description about feature 

15. Cucumber supports only on Ecplise IDE: False

16. Cucumber acts as a bridge between the business and development : True 

17. Cucumber dependencies need . : all the options

18. In our script file @Given ends with . : $

19. Given is used to define . : it defines scene of the scenario.

20. To get a random variable, : (?:love|hate|like)

21. Gherkin supports for the language : Supports around 60 well knows languages In our script file 

22. @Given starts with . : ^

23. Which one of the following option is true about BDD framework : 2,4 But is used to : Remove repetitive Then Tag is used for . : All these options are true.

24. Command to install and run cucumber test is . : mvn clear install

25. is a BDD tool : All of the options 

26. Feature file extensions is : .feature 

27. Gherkin will take care of the requirement: True

28. Command to run the Cucumber file is : @RunWith(Cucumber. Class) And is used to . : Remove repetitive feature

29. To comment, we use . : #comment

30. Scenario is used in file for : business rule

31. When is used to define . : It defines the event or an action Data table is separation can be done using . :|data|

32. Gherkin has two sections namely . :Both feature and Scenario Cucumber feature file is written in . : Gherkin

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