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Spring Boot Framework MCQs Solution

1. A session scope scopes the bean definition to an/ the ___ _
HTTP session  

2.Which method should a bean implement to employ destruction callbacks?

3.Which of the following methods performs the initialization of a bean?

4.Which layer of spring boot spans across multiple layers?
  Foundation layer

5.Which of the following is correct about dependency injection?
  It helps in decoupling application objects from each other

6.The annotation to be added to automatically configure beans based on the classes added to the class path is

7.What does SpringApplication.runO do?
  All the options
8.Spring-boot-maven-plugin' is added to the pom.xml plugin section to ____ _
Package the spring boot application as an executable jar 

9.The Java compiler level can be modified for a Maven built Spring boot app using ____ _
10.Spring boot application can be executed as a stand-alone jar.

10.Auto-configuration report can be logged to the console by enabling debug mode while starting the application.

11.The annotation used to import additional configuration classes is -----

12 @ConditionalOnClass( { DataSource. class, EmbeddedDatabaseType. class } ) This configuration is only enabled when
 Class in present in the classpath

13.Spring boot Actuator can be used to view-----
 All the options mentioned

14.The Maven command to run a Spring boot application is ____ _
mvn spring-boot:run  

15.What is the default nature of the Beans defined in spring framework?

16. What is the role of ApplicationContextAWare in Spring?
To make bean aware on the container  

[email protected] annotation is used to map a HTTP request method (GET or POST) to a specific class or method in the controller which will handle the respective request.

18.mvn dependency:tree command is used to print tree representation of project alone.

19.The annotation to be added to automatically configure beans based on the classes added to the class path is-------

20.The @Controller annotation indicates ------
That a particular class serves the role of a controller  

21.What is the Starter that can be used to add spring boot dependency jars for a spring boot application?

22.After adding a starter to the pom.xml, we are free to pick and choose jar dependencies outside the starter.

23.How to get the object of DAO in spring framework?
Using new keyword Using Spring Dependency inJection

24.The HTIP method to update a particular resource in Spring MVC is ------

25.By default. a bean is eagerly initialized in spring.

26.What is the scope for business service class in Spring MVC?

27.Executable jar can be created in Spring boot using ____ _
Both the options  

28.<Java.version>1.8</java.version> is added under----

29.What is the scope of stateless bean in Spring?
Singleton scope 

30.The Gradle command to run a Spring boot executable app is --------
 gradle bootRun

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