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JSON Hands-On Solution | TCS Fresco Play | TCS | MNC Answers

JSON Hands-On Solution | TCS Fresco Play | TCS | MNC Answers

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JSON Fresco Play Hands-On Solution

The Course Id is 55929.

1. JSON schema validation: Change datatypes and return required JSON data

module.exports= function(){


const data = require("./testdata.json");

/*Explore the JSON file and return the required JSON data*/

var json = JSON.parse(data).studentData;


  element['aggregate'] = parseInt(element['aggregate']);

  per['sub1'] = parseInt(per['sub1']);

  per['sub2'] = parseInt(per['sub2']);

  per['sub3'] = parseInt(per['sub3']);


return json;


2. JSON Data structuring: Create JSON data with Person Object (data.json)



    "Name":"JSON EXAMPLE",

    "EmployeeID": 1234,

    "Experience": 2,

    "Company":"JSON COMPANY",

    "Designation": "SOFTWARE"



3.JSON Data structuring: Create an Array of Favorite Food items objects


  {"Name":"JSON NAME1","Type":"JSON TYPE 1","Price":0},

  {"Name":"JSON NAME2","Type":"JSON TYPE 2","Price":0},

  {"Name":"JSON NAME3","Type":"JSON TYPE 3","Price":0}



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