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APIGEE - API Services MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | FrescoPlay | TCS

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1. Apigee cannot modify the backend service implementation without affecting the public API.


2. The Edge API proxie' s primary consumers are _____.

App developers

3. APIs are software interface that allow different applications to talk to one another.


4. Apigee provides ____ services.

All the options

5. Companies expose their services as a set of HTTP _____.


6. Apigee's API platform allows you to ____ your APIs.

All the options

7. Apigee adds ____ before your API along with policies.


8. Once data is loaded Apigee automatically creates an/a ___I to access your data.


9. aaS helps in setting Cloud based data platform without any server side coding.


10. One of the features of the BaaS is ____.

Push Notification

11. Using ____ will disable security and treat all request without any authentication as a guest.


12. Apigee allows you to restrict the number of result retured from BaaS using the parameter _____


13. ____ endpoint interaction with your backend services on behalf of apps.

Target Endpoints

14. An API proxy is a can be _____

all the options

15. De-selecting the default check box in creating proxy process will make proxy available only through TSL.


16. ____ endpoint interacts with apps that consume your API.

Proxy Endpoint

17. Which of the following is not a type of Policy in Apigee?


18. ______ can program the behavior of the proxies.


19. When you need to explicitly clear a cache during request processing, use ____.

Invalidate Cache

20. In Assign message policy ____ creates the named context variables.


21. ______ policy smooths traffic spikes by dividing a limit that you define into smaller intervals.

Spike Arrest Policy

22. _____ specifies the target URL to be used by the service call out.


23. To write arbitrary data to the cache use _____

Populate Cache

24. Authorization header can be sent to the backend service.


25. You need to manually create API key for the developer app.


26. While requesting for access token you can send consumer key and consumer secret as a parameter in _____.


27. ______ on Apigee Edge adds more programmability to the Edge API platform.


28. ______command downloads the express module at the specified version and updates the dependencies list in the package.json file.

npm install [email protected] --save

29. VerifyAccessToken operation at the end of API proxy flow.


30. ______ is a significant attack vector used by malicious API consumers.

Message content

31. _____ are the files that implement the configuration to be executed by a policy.


32. An API proxy can be deployed in ____ environment.

both test and prod

33. _____ data from users' GPS-enabled devices helps to target campaigns, push notifications, offers and more effectively..


34. ____ use of the Google Maps APIs to create a mashup of real estate information with interactive maps.


35. Adding a policy without a flow is possible in Apigee


36. If you want a policy to execute after initial processing on the ProxyEndpoint use ____ .


37. An API product consist of a collection of RESTful API resources.



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