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1. All jQuery code should be included within _____ function - ready()

2. Using CND helps in loading pages fast - True

3. jQuery supports AJAX - True

4. jQuery code should be included within ____ tag - script

5. jQuery is a popular JS library developed by - John Resig

6. jQuery helps in ______ side scripting - client

7. To select a range of elements use - slice()

8. Which of the following is not a selector - name

9. Class selector is used with - *-wrong

10. To filter based on condition use - filter()

11. Id selector is used with - select the empty option or #

12. To filter based on element index use -  filter()-wrong

13. The following are all selectors, except - name

14. To remove a handler from an event use - off()

15. To add multiple event to a element use - on()

16. preventDefault has two parameters - false

17. To remove the focus from a form element use - blur()

18. To attach handler to elements that will be added in future use - event delegation

19. Elements attached using live can be removed using - die()

20. To delete only the child element of the selected element - empty()

21. To add delay in animation use - delay()

22. To add custom animation use - animate()

23. Multiple animations will be executed in _____ fashion - queue

24. To read value from a form element use - val()

25. To read html content from a document use - html()

26. Which method helps you to replace $ with keyword jQuery - noConflict()

27. Which parameter of load()'s callback function has the data - responseTxt

28. _____ is  used to send request to server, along with some data. - post()

29. To remove the unwanted whitespace use - trim()

30. Iteration over array and object use - each()

31. To make a set of elements expandable and collapsible use - accordion()

32. To animate all the changes while adding a class use - addClass()

33. jQueryUI has its own css library that can be used in webpage - true

34. Which of the following is not a interaction available in jQueryUI - sortable  

35. All the tab heading should be included within an _____ - either of the option

36. To add custom effect use - effect()

37. Jquery mobile has how many set of theme to be used - two

38. __ is used to create a dropdown in jQuery mobile - select

39. jQuery mobile automatically uses widgets based on the element type - true

40. The function that will directly load content form server into DOM - load

41. jQuery code should be included within ____ tag - script

42. This is triggered when a swipe action occurs for more than ___ px in horizontal direction. - 30px

43. jQuery works for both HTML and XML - false

44. jQuery follows W3C standards - false

45. Use _________ for iteration over array and object. each()

46. Which among the following is a universal selector? *

47. jQuery mobile can be used to develop hybrid apps. true


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