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Ansible - Automation Choral MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play

Ansible - Automation Choral MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play

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1. Fact variables have higher precedence than Playbook variables. 

2. Which module can tell you the fact variables of a host? 

3. You can skip the task of gathering facts through which of the following ways?gather_facts: no

4. Which option will give you an error while accessing your complex variable?
{{ ansible_eth0[ipv4][address] }}

5. Which of the following can you include in your Playbook?

6. Where can you use tags?

7. Which tag is executed by default while running a Playbook? 

8. Tagging allows you to run or skip certain parts of the Playbook. 
Can you run tasks that are not tagged?

9. This keyword gives you the flexibility to run a specific part of your playbook.

10. folder defines the dependencies of your role? 

11. This folder stores your dynamic files? 

12. Which of the following can you use to delete your installed role? 

13. You can scaffold your roles using? 

14. You can view the details of a role using which of the following? 
ansible-galaxy info username.ole

15. Default variables in Roles have the least precedence.

16. Defining the same variable in multiple locations will cause error.

17. You can run non-tagged tasks using which magical word?

18. The following are valid file extensions to store inventory variables in a file, except 

19. A handler will run only once after all the tasks are completed in a particular play.

20. You can contribute your roles to the Ansible community through GitHub Profile. 

21. This allows you to keep secret data in Playbook.

22. ansible-galaxy init --force --offline sample-role


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