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Blue Prism MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play | TCS

Blue Prism MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | FrescoPlay | TCS

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1. The reset button in Process Studio must always be pressed

before re-running a Process

2. Which stage is used in Blue Prism Object Studio, to launch an application


3. What is the purpose of Action Stage

It is used to call a business object page from a process

4. Which stage enables a Business Object to pause and wait for an application element

Wait Stage

5. Reusable logic shall be in which layer

Object Layer

6. Which stage in Process Studio, can be used to store multiple pieces of data in Columns and Rows


7. We can step through a diagram one stage at a time. Which of the following is used to traverse pages more quickly.

step over and step out

8. What is not correct about Object Studio

less number of stages

9. What are all the spy modes in Blue Prism

Win 32 mode, HTML Mode, Accessibility Mode, Region Mode

10. In a process which data item can be used to store the values from Rows and Columns fetched from .xls file


11. When we create process in Process Studio then a page can have 

Multiple Starting Points as well as Multiple End Points

12. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the key field of the Work Queue

key field must be unique 

13. exception Bubbling Means

travel upwards

14. Which of the following statement is correct

Blue Prism can be configured to handle an exception and continue processing

15. Which stage need to be used to call Business object Page from Process?

16. The Stage which can be used to throw can exception in Blue Prism Process is


17. Which of the following statements regarding the “preserve the type and the detail of the exception is correct”

Re-throwing an exception will generate a second exception unless the “preserve” checkbox is checked

18. System Manager module of Blue Prism, provides below functionalities

Manage work queue

19. Stage which always come, if we insert Wait Stage in our Object


20. Which stage allows to move forward through the rows of a collection

Loop Stage

21. Which type of brackets must be used to include a Data Item in an expression

Square Brackets

22. Application Modelling can be done in which Module of Blue Prism

Object studio

23. Session Variables are,

both the options

24. When should you consider Exception Handling strategy

in design phase

25. Work Queue configuration can be done in which module of Blue Prism

26. What is correct about Object Studio?

Object Studio does not have a main page, but it does have 2 default page

27. Which stage is available in Object Studio but not in process studio?

Wait Stage

28. What is true about Global Data Items?

Global Data Items name and Local Data Items name cannot share same name

29. Select the incorrect statement.

Blocks can overlap as well as nested

30. Which stage always comes, if we insert Wait Stage in our Object?

Time Out Stage

31. What is correct about work Queues in Blue Prism?

all of the options

32. Environment Variable are

Variables that are available to all the processes and Business Objects, i.e., across the environment

33. To spy the elements in any mode in an application, the keyboard shortcut is

CTRL + Left Click

34. How do you refer the Collection Fields? Identify the correct option.

'Collection Name.Field Name'

35. Once a business object has launched an application, any attempt to launch again will cause an exception.


36. Which is not the valid data type in Blue Prism?


37. Identify the two stages that that should always be there in process definition

Start Stage and End Stage

38. What is True about Wait Stage?

all of the options

39. In Object layer, if we will create more Objects, then design will be more efficient and scalable because  

all of the options

40. Which of the following statement in incorrect?

Multiple Bots can work from the same queue, at the same time

41. While debugging, Developer added a Breakpoint at Stage 1 in Process. Before deployment in Production, developer forgot to remove the breakpoint. In Production Environment the control will break at Stage 1?


42. Can we have Resume Stage in Process without Recover Stage?


43. Which of the System Manager module of Blue Prism provides the below functionalities? 

all of the options

44. Code Stage in Blue Prism does not allow to write code in which programming language?


45. The objects created in Object Studio can be made available in Control Room?


46. In a single application, we can spy via more than one spying mode.


47. Can we set up queue, to enable multiple attempts on an item?


48. Which part of Blue Prism interacts with the target system (the application a user would use)?

Control Room

49. We can call Initialize and Cleanup Actions of Object from Process.


50. Which statement is incorrect about Exception Handling in Blue Prism?

A resume stage not only neutralizes the exception but also fix the problem

51. Which of the following statements is true when employing multiple object in object layer?

Reduces the risk to the process layer when a change is made in object layer

52. What is true about defer items from the Work Queue?

all of the options

53. Exception Bubbling means

Exception travel upwards towards the main page of the process

54. Which stage(s) can be configured in Process Studio to send Input and Output Parameters in Object Studio?

Both Start and End Stage

55. In Process Flow Diagram, Data Items

are case-sensitive and cannot be physically connected to any part of the diagram

56. Process scheduling functionality can be achieved in which module of Blue Prism?

Control Room

>57. What is correct about Recovery Mode in Blue Prism?

all of the options

58. How many times a session can run?


59. Which Business Object is used to interact with Work Queue?

queue items– internal

60. To exit from the Spy mode, in Application Modeler the keyboard shortcut is ___________.

CTRL + Right Click 


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