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Business Skills Track 1 Leading Team Curriculum (19674) MCQs Solution | TCS iEvolve

Business Skills Track 1 Leading Team Curriculum (19674) MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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Bizskills track 1

Business Skills Track 1 Leading Team Curriculum (19674) MCQs Solution

1. How should you decide how to work at the start of the day, when you have a busy day ahead?

Ans. You prioritize the most important tasks and work through them in order.

2. ____is a conversational best practice with co-workers.

Ans. Small talk

3. Read the options given below carefully. Then identify the statements that are true about challenges faced by influencers on social media. Select all that apply

Ans. (I) Building and retaining a loyal fan following on social media is not an easy task.

(II)Creating trends and encouraging their followers to buy products they promote is a painstaking task

4. Edward is a senior member in your process. He is very sincere at his work and takes no nonsense.

Edward is also a hard task master. He has been given the task of grooming two new members of the team- Rose and John. Both are freshers. Both are taking time to learn. Unlike Rose, John is quite energetic and friendly. He likes to engage in small talk. He is a little slow learner, however open to feedback. Edward feels that John needs to talk a little less and needs to be serious. He is not personally fond of John and hence Edward shares a little less responsibility with John than he shares with Rose. What do you think can be the consequences of Edward's approach?

Ans. Not investing in John or sharing less responsibilities because of his personal dislike can do no good to John. Rather it can demotivate him and slower down his learning further. He needs more time and encouragement

5. What does LEAD in the context of building professional network and raising our profile mean?

Select all that apply.

Ans. (I) Preparing slides, producing ideas and making decisions that impact the team.

(II)Volunteering to lead a meeting by preparing an agenda.

6. Which of the following is referred to as 21st century skills?

Ans. Communication / Collaboration / Critical Thinking / Initiative

7. You are working in a project along with many others. Each of you have your individual pieces of work that you are responsible to deliver. In the weekly team meeting, you were surprised when the project manager (PM) acknowledges every one else's contribution however he says he has no visibility to yours. This is untrue as you have been giving him timely update on the progress. You are furious as this update did not put you in the right light. How would you like to respond to this situation?

Ans. You would wait for the call to get over and calm yourself down and then talk to the project manager and also make your manager part of that call, understand where is the communication gap is Going forward you will document these conversations on an email and share it all the concern stakeholders so that there is no confusion.

8. Under which interpersonal skills do 'sense of humor' and 'knowing when not to make jokes' come under?

Ans. Empathy

9. Workers' acceptance of change is characteristic of what type of culture?

Ans. Collaborative culture

10. What does personal competence in emotional intelligence refer to?

Ans. Have empathy for others, and be aware of other people.

Business Skills Track 1 Leading Team Curriculum (19674) MCQs Solution

11. Peter wants to buy a new house by December 2021. This is a SMART goal.


12. When ABC company went from 26 different kinds of shampoos to 15, they saw an increase in sales by 10 percent. When XYZ company got rid of their 10 worst selling cat litter products, they saw an increase in profits by 87 percent -a function of both increase in sales and lowering of costs. Which among the following techniques did the companies use to mitigate the problem of choice overload?

Select all that apply.

Ans. Cut

13. Sitting down to complete the Readiness Playbook, going through the effort of putting together a GO-bag or buying one, as well as stocking your house with the necessary items to shelter in place. This best explains which of the following?

Ans. System 2 thinking

14. Decisions made by individuals typically suffer from suspicions that the decision maker

Ans. Did not consult all interested parties.

15. The below two statements are related to mindfulness.

a. It is not obscure or exotic.

b. It is evidence-based.


16. The best managers not only manage people, but also manage___ and ___ Pick the most appropriate choice of words to fill

Ans. Work / Team

17. What are the important techniques that will help you manage your time more efficiently? Select all that apply.

Ans. (I) Setting time limit for completing tasks to be focused and efficient.

(II)Prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency

18. If you do not see all your team members are getting equal opportunity in a diversified team and opportunities are too polarized to one section, what would you do? Select all that apply.

Ans. (I) You will fix it.

(II)You will reflect on it.

(III)You will ask for a solution from your seniors to fix it.

(IV)You will be self aware of your actions.

19. From among the given options, choose all that pertain to System 1 thinking. Select all that apply.

Ans. (I) It is our instinctive and automatic decision-making process.

(II)It is how we make the majority of our decisions.

(III)All emotional responses are based in System 1. but not all System 1 thinking is emotional.

(IV)It enables us to jump to conclusions with limited evidence

20. Samuel, the project manager, was looking for four SAP certified resources for an immediate requirement in the team. Despite the efforts made by connecting with RMG and arranging for many virtual interviews for more than a week, the team was able to find only two reasonably good resources to be hired. Since the customer was quite demanding, Samuel was pressed for time. Apart from connecting with RMG, Samuel also took some effort in connecting with some of his old colleagues to seek support. Rachel, one of Samuel's colleagues, introduced him to Frank, another project manager who moderates a tech club in the organization, to help him source some of the resources who can be hired. Frank was able to immediately call out a few names and share the contacts. Moreover, Frank sent a message in his virtual groups. In fact, there were a few other volunteers in the tech club who shared with Frank the contacts of few other associates too. Finally, Frank could share the details of some of the qualified and interested candidates to Samuel in day. This helped Samuel to schedule virtual interviews on the next day and hire the remaining two resources and close the hiring process within two days. In this scenario, how did Frank's access to private information help Samuel earn networking benefits?

Ans. Frank's access to private information helped him make appropriate name-dropping which helped Samuel to hire the right resources.

Business Skills Track 1 Leading Team Curriculum (19674) MCQs Solution

21. What are ways in which one could reduce overreliance on his/her own ideas? Select all that apply.

Ans. (I) Minimize your tendency of supporting the best that you helped create.

(II)Have the humility to accept that others might have better ideas.

22. As a mentor, what are some of the things you will do to foster Eclectic Mindset to your mentee?

Ans. All the options are correct.

23. Which of the following is an example of streamlining your work in an effort to eliminate time wasting tasks?

Ans. Look for duplication of effort and waste then, take action to eliminate them.

24 – 28:

29 - 35:

Business Skills Track 1 Leading Team Curriculum (19674) MCQs Solution


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