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Business Skills Track 2 Leading Self Curriculum (19673) MCQs Solution | TCS iEvolve | iEvolve Courses

Business Skills Track 2 Leading Self Curriculum (19673) MCQs Solution | TCS iEvolve | iEvolve Courses | TCS

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Business Skills Track 2 Leading Self Curriculum (19673) MCQs Solution

1. When you convince others with strong arguments it is known as


2. You are stressed out as you have tons of work to be delivered. What will you do now? Select all that apply.

Set SMART..... 

Calm Yourself.....

3. Structured problems typically have

Only one solution; many solutions

4.The objective of DevOps environment is to

Combine Development & Operations.

5. Which among the below reason is important for team cohesiveness?

Conflict and debate

6. Creativity requires challenging "business as usual".


7. An employee with good emotional intelligence would like to be observed engaging in some of the following behaviors.

Deal effect....

Recognize when a co-wor.....

8. Identify the behavioral reaction to anxiety.

Both Correct

9. A six-step version of Process Writing can be viewed as a strategy for accomplishing the task(solving the problem) of doing a writing project. If so, we need to follow the given steps in a particular order.


Organizing the ideas

Developing a draft

Obtaining feedback



10. What should you do when there is a misunderstanding with a customer? Select all that apply.

Ask them what you can do to help clarify.

Apologize for the misunderstanding even though it may not have been your mistake.

Business Skills Track 2 Leading Self Curriculum (19673) MCQs Solution

11. While trying to do persuasion, it is important to follow a process. Which of the following statements is TRUE in the process of persuasion? Select al! that apply.


12. You have an important meeting with a prospective client later today. You know from your previous discussions that the prospect is impressed with your proposal, but does not believe that implementing your ideas at this particular time is a top priority. Which of the following approaches would provide you with the greatest chance of persuading the prospect to approve your proposal in the shortest period of time?

Emphasize what the prospect will lose if he does not implement your ideas at the present time (the Scarcity principle)

13. You are managing a project of launching a sales tool. However there is this one particular person who is one of the key influencer, did not like the tool as he felt that the tool is not at all user friendly. Be it in the lunch canteen or at the corridor, wherever he would meet you he would literally jeer at the project declaring it as a “shit” tool. You know that he is a critical internal stakeholder of yours and handling him is the key for your tool to be successful. How would you like to go about it? Choose the right option/s from the below options.

You will request him to use...…..

14. Daydreaming is one of the most fundamental idea-generation techniques to trigger great ideas.


15. Identify the steps of root cause analysis from options given below. Select all that apply.

Identify and describe the problem clearly.

Establish a timeline from the normal situation up to the time the problem occurred.

16. In which step of the problem-solving decision making process is the fishbone diagram used?


17. You could not achieve the outcome as planned because ___ and ____

*You did not set SMART goals; you could not come up with an effective plan.

18. One of your team leads is known for his team management skills. His team talks highly a Dout his "Happiness board" initiative. In this initiative, the team members are supposed to write any issues they are facing related to work and ask for help on a board kept in their team area. Entire team has a deoicated hour everyday to discuss the issues written at the board and help each other in solving the issues they are facing. The Lead himself participates regularly in this daily meeting and shares his experience with team and tries to help the team members in best possible way. Due to this, Lead earns lot of respect from his team members. Also, entire team is very supportive of each other and is one of the best performing teams in the project. What persuades the Lead to help and support his team members?

He believes in creating an environment of sharing and caring so as to ensure team performs to its best and continue to support each other through reciprocation.

18. What does this term indicates in relation to Growth Mindset - 'Think realistically about time and effort'. Select all that apply.

*Effort and time goes hand in hand

Don't expect to master every topic under the sun in one sitting

It takes time to learn

19. Since all members of a group are rarely equal in status, most groups suffer from

Minority domination

20. Given below are some of the tasks that you perform. Identify the one that stands as an example of streamlining your work in an effort to eliminate time wasting tasks.

Business Skills Track 2 Leading Self Curriculum (19673) MCQs Solution

Look for duplication of effort and waste; then, take action to eliminate them.

21. What are the five barriers to a sale according to Zig Ziglar?

no need, no money, no hurry, no trust and no desire

22. Match the following Storytelling Techniques with their TED presenters Storytelling Techniques

1. Bring characters to life - Malcom GIadwell

2. Immerse your audience in the story - Richard Turere

3. Create suspense - Zak Ebrahim

4. Tell a personal story - Leslie Morgan Steiner

23. What does Agile focus on?

Value Delivery

24. Robert Saxon is one of the most senior leaders in the organization. A board meeting was arranged where a few critical aspects were discussed, and crucial decisions were made from the business perspective. At his level, especially as an agent for shareholders, it is expected that Robert makes honest disclosure to the board members about the costs, benefits, and risks involved in some of the large accounts that come under his purview. The fact is Robert earns his full compensation when these projects run successfully, whereas he is expected to share responsibility for underperformance if the projects” productivity decreases. Taking this into account, Robert decides to understate the risks and costs while overstating benefits. In this case, Robert's act of providing information was oased on his thinking that any judgments expressed may affect him personally. Which source of bias does this situation revel!? Select all that apply.

This is an example of Motivational bias as Roberts shows a natural tendency to highlight the positives in accordance with his motivations and incentives.

Business Skills Track 2 Leading Self Curriculum (19673) MCQs Solution


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