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Data Visualization Using R MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play | TCS

Data Visualization Using R MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play | TCS

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1. graphics,ggplot2 packages qualify for ___

Visualization Packages

2. Scatterplot Matrix is an example of __ type of visualization.


3. Which command in R, lists the available Datasets in R


4. Title of the plot is provided by the variable


5. In the plot, to add label to the horizontal axis the variable to be configured is


6. Histograms , Density Plots are examples of which type of visualization?


7. How can we find the different parameters available ?


8. Histogram is mainly used as visual representation of _


9. Which parameter in R helps to decide the number of bins which we want to manually override?


10. Which parameter decides the line type & plot symbol respectively?

Ich & pty

12. In case of the plot, which parameter decides whether the plot should be line or points or both?

13. The vertical axis label is provided by the parameter


14. To reset the grid to normal layout, after displaying multiple charts in single view could be obtained by


15. Which parameter could be used to convert stacked barplot into grouped bar plot?


16. If one would like to visualize 6 graphs in single view with graphs scaling in row wise fashion (2 rows)


17. Which parameter is helpful to swap the chart from x-axis to y-axis?


18. Barchart represents visual display of of category of categorical variable


19. Customizing the way your graphs could be arranged can be configured using _


20. Which argument helps in changing the size of plotting characters?


21. Stratified boxplots are useful for examining the relationship between a categorical variable and a numeric variable.


22. col.main=4, will change size of the font ?


23. Which plot would be applicable for summarizing the value of numeric variable


24. Changing the font size of the axis labels could be accomplished using the following font

25. Which parameter removed the X & Y axis


26. If in the Notched boxplot does not overlap, it means___

Medians do not overlap

27. Which command allows to place the text within the graph?


28. Which text feature allows the text to written along the margin of the graph?


29. Which of this is limitation of lattice plots?

All options

30. Lattice package supports the generation of trellis graphs (graphs that display a variable or the relationship between variables, conditioned on one or more other variables)


31. In lattice, ~x|A refers to

display numeric variable x for each level of factor A

32. In lattice,y~x | A*B refers to

Display the relationship between numeric variables y and x separately for every combination of factor A and B levels

33. Using ggplot2 for multifaceted diagram, the deciding variable on the number of rows or columns is


34. ggplot2 requires the data to be in

dateframe format

35. Aesthetics in ggplot2 refers to


36. The grey zone around the geom("smooth") line refers to

95% confidence

37. In multifaceted plot, how many columns will be formed when facets is mentioned as facets=.~drv

depends on drv

38. Geometric (geom) in ggplot2 refers to


39. In multifaceted plot, how many columns will be formed when facets is mentioned as facets=drv~.

always 1 column

40. Factors represent the subset of the data and they should be properly labelled


41. In multifaceted plot, how many rows will be formed when facets is mentioned as facets=.~drv

always 1 row

42. What does gg in ggplot2 refer to

Grammar of Graphics

43. In multifaceted plot, how many rows will be formed when facets is mentioned as facets=drv~.

depends on drv

44. ggplot2 allows to add features layer by layer


45. In ggplot2, which function decides the object printing ____


46. The functions which assist in labelling of the functions is _

all options


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