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Mobile Primer MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play | TCS

Mobile Primer MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | FrescoPlay | TCS

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1. Material design style follows for developing __________.

Android apps

2. Remote data wipe feature is offered by _____.


3. MDM stands for __________

Mobile data manag.

4. Consumer apps can be distributed using Apple Enterprise License.


5. Apple review is not required for free iOS apps.


6. Hockey App is connected with ______________
All opt (guess)

7. Mobile apps are always forward compatible with new OS releases.

8. Apache Cordova is open source version of PhoneGap.

9. mBaaS means ___________.
Mobile backend as a service

10. .apk is an installable file for _____ platform

11. Hockey App is offered by ___________

12. Airwatch is an example of ____________
Enterprise mobility manag.

13. Select various strategies used to achieve good UX.
Both Animations and Complex 

14. Jail broken or rooted device is susceptible to vulnerabilities.

15. iOS is an open ecosystem like Android?

16. Service Workers are the core technology used in _________
Progressive web apps

17. Distributing Apps in Google Playstore requires one time registration fee.

18. Apache Cordova is a hybrid framework?
True (guess)

19. Ionic framework is for __________.
Hybridy dev

20. AppStore allows distribution of enterprise (B2E) as well as consumer (B2C) apps.

21. BYOD is risk free .

22. Xamarin cross platform development software is owned by _________.

23. A wireframe is a visual representation of a user interface without branding elements, color scheme etc.

24. Most widely used method for exposing server APIs for mobile apps is _______.
SOAP (guess)

25. Which programming language is used for developing native iOS apps?
Android apps

26. Apple Developer License need to be renewed every year

27. Who developed Phonegap

28. Testing on real device is not required as emulator provides the same capabilities of a device.

29. Phonegap is an iOS framework

30. Look and feel of an app is finilised as part of user exprience design.

31. Key advantage of mobile enablement is
Building the company brand

32. https/ssl is a secure communication channel for mobile apps.


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