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Secure Programming Practices MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play

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1. Securing a database application with username/password access control should be considered sufficient:

Only when combined with other controls

2. A race condition in a web server can cause which of the following?


3. Authentication and session management are security concerns of which of the following programming languages?


4. Exception Handling refers to:


5. From application security perspective, why should a CAPTCHA be used in a web application?

To prevent scripted attacks

6. Identify the correct statement in the following:


7. Identify the correct statement in the following:


8. Identify the correct statement in the following:


9. Identify the correct statement in the following:

D) All the above options

C) To secure online data, build secure software.

B) Customer trust, reputation, financial, compliance, and privacy are the major reasons to implement a software security program.

E) A) and C)

A) Security is a technical problem and is the responsibility of the security manager.

10. Identify the correct statement in the following:


Unclear security requirements and inadequate security reviews are the primary reasons for security issues.

Secure software does not generate a trail to identify the source and path of an attack. The effort for application security must be linked with the criticality of the application.

11. In a multi-staged login mechanism, which of the following regarding application security should be ensured by the developer?

The application should validate the credentials supplied at each stage and the previous stages.

12. One of the main disadvantages of integrating cryptography into applications is:

Possible denial of service if the keys are corrupted.

13. Security check can be enforced at compile time by

Adding debug traces to code.

A. Enabling all compiler warnings, and paying attention to these warnings.

C) Checking all pointer against null(0) values before using them

14. Temporarily files created by applications can expose confidential data if:


15. There are various HTTP authentication mechanisms to authenticate a user. Login credentials are sent to the web server in clear text, in which of the following authentication scheme?


16. Through a successful format-string attack against a web application, an attacker is able to execute which of the following actions?

Read and write to memory at will

17. When valuable information has to be transmitted as part of a client request, which of the following mode should be used?


18. Which of the following are secure programming guidelines?  

A), B) and C)

19. Which of the following is not an authorization type?

User Access Control

20. Which of the following is the best approach to use when providing access to an SSO application in a portal?

Role-based access control

21. Which of the following is true about improper error handling?

All the above options

22. Which of the following methods can be used by the client and server to validate user input?



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