Tableau: The Prequel MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play


Tableau: The Prequel MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play

Disclaimer: The primary purpose of providing this solution is to assist and support anyone who are unable to complete these courses due to a technical issue or a lack of expertise. This website's information or data are solely for the purpose of knowledge and education.

Make an effort to understand these solutions and apply them to your Hands-On difficulties. (It is not advisable that copy and paste these solutions).

All Question of the MCQs Present Below for Ease Use Ctrl + F with the question name to find the Question. All the Best!

If you found answer for any of the questions is wrong. Please do mention in the comment section, could be useful for others. Thanks!


1. The conditions can be applied to create a ______ filter


2. The filter option for ______ offers numeric calculations and comparison


3. Tableau can connect to different data sources at the same time.


4. How many steps are recommended to follow in creating an effective dashboard


5. Which of the following expressions compute values using the specified dimensions in addition to whatever dimensions are in the view?


6. Groups are useful for correcting data errors


7. is a saved subset of a data source that you can use to improve performance and analyze offline


8. What will the following inbuilt function produce? LTRIM(" Tableau ")

“Tableau “

9. A significant advantage of the context filter is improved performance.


10. are used to run complex queries involving many dimensions

LOD Expressions

11. is the sort directly applied on an axis using the sort dialog button

Computed Sorting

12. _______ sets the language to be used in the report.

Workbook Locale

13. Which of the following is not a basic filter in Tableau?

filter text

14. What is the criteria to blend the data from multiple data sources

There should be a common dimension to blend the data source into a single worksheet.

15. When is blending used?

When data is from multiple sources.



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