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Confidentiality Awareness Training for COTS Products | 55467 | MCQ solution | TCS iEvolve

Confidentiality Awareness Training for COTS Products | 55467 | MCQ solution | TCS iEvolve

COURSE ID: 55467

Confidentiality Awareness Training for COTS Products | 55467 | MCQ solution | TCS iEvolve

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1. while working is a COTS development -- any communicate to product

2. during the implementation of a COTS product -- False

3. the list of associates who are participating -- false

4. during an RFP preparation, towards -- adding Arun / Arun has...

5. who has the primary ownership of maintaining -- CPMO

6. how frequent should an annual re... -- yearly

7. XYZ insurance company has a long terms association with TCS --all COTS pro, ensure no pro

8. whose responsibility is to facilitate/conduct SP -- account dag & ISM SPOC

9. an associate is joining a cots pro -- the new associate complete the cots confi and other training

10. one of the cots transformation project dec -- all of the options

11. implementation of a cots transformation project is -- all of the above

12. an associate is working on a COTS transformation project -- none of the above

13. ABC account is starting a new project that involves COTS -- carry out risk assessment for this cots and identity / ensure that license restrictions

14. Anand was working in COTS prokect ABC and got -- none of the options

15. ASK insurance company is just about to kick -- all of the above options

16. ABC customer has advised TCS that its ramping -- all of the options

17. Sanjay is working is -- both of the options

18. what are the templates to be filled by CP/DP-- cots product associate allocation register / cots product associate competency resister

19. what will be the frequency of capture and maintenance -- monthly

20. if an RFP/RFI/SOW change -- all of the above options

21. an associate there is no need -- False

22. during a PMR and audit, an account --- review and ensure that / review and ensue that / review associates who have

23. any RFP/RFI/SOW/change order -- True

24. a TCS associate working in a cots product -- False

25. Beverly insurance is a new customer to TCS -- review if risk assessments for use / review and validate if all associates have

26. how frequent should -- yearly

27. members of the tag and innovation lab -- inform CPMO about / inform the lead about the COFI

28. for every bid that involves a cots product -- False

29. an associate is working in a COTS -- yes 

30. Anand is the delivery partner for the cots PR -- all of the above options

31. Ram has recently joined a cots -- its association response / it is a non compliance 

32. There is a sudden surge in requirements for -- request RMG to recruit from open market to sat


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