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Continuous Deployment MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play | TCS

Continuous Deployment MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play | TCS

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1. Capacity testing _.

is a critical testing and helps to verify technical aspects  --  Correct

2. Accurev is a _ system.

Stream Based Version Control  --  Correct

3. ____________ testing was derived from hardware testing.

Smoke  --  Correct

4. The continuous deployment must be followed to practice continuous delivery.

True --  Correct

5. Large scale changes to an application can be achieved using __.

Branch by Abstraction  --  Correct

6. Collection of executable codes is known as .

Binaries  --  Correct

7. A build can be triggered by a version control tool.

True  --  Correct

8. A build that fails __ stage will not be deployable.

Acceptance  --  Correct


9. People who do the deployment should be part of creating the deployment process.

True  --  Correct

10. Dependencies between components must be represented using .

Directed acyclic graph  --  Correct

11. Time taken to fix a broken build is measured using __.

Build repair rate  --  Correct

12. Build-time dependency should be present when an application is run.

False  --  Correct

13. Build tools can be categorized as ____.

Both the options  --  Correct

14. Release candidate is created after the change passes through the .

Commit Stage  --  Correct

15. New instance of ___ is created upon every check-in.

All of the options  --  Correct

16. Continuous deployment aims at making feedback loops as short as possible.

True  --  Correct

17. _ is a paradigm to move code from check-in to production in a controlled way.

Integration Pipeline  --  Correct

18. Feature toggles is possible in version control systems.


19. User acceptance testing is a verification activity.

False  --  Correct

20. Configuration information can be supplied using .

Environment variables  --  Wrong

21. Disciplined technique for restructuring a code without modifying its external behavior is _.


22. Famous problem of dependency management is known as ___.

DLL Hell

23. Only positive scenarios are validated in ___ testing.

Build Verification

24. MTTR is ____.

Mean Time to Repair failures.  --  Correct

25. Automated implementation of an application's build, test, and deployment process is called as _.

Deployment Pipeline  --  Correct

True  --  Correct

26. The deployment pipeline is initiated by the creation of a release candidate.


27. _ stage asserts that the system works at the technical level.

Manual Test

28. The capability of your build system to handle an increase in the amount of code that it integrates and analyzes is known as .

Build performance

29. Chef is an orchestration tool.

True  --  Correct

30. In branch by abstraction model, features are developed in _.

Release Branch

31. Steps to be followed to release the application first time is part of ___.

Release Plan

32. Static code analysis is performed in the _.

Commit stage  --  Correct

33. User acceptance testing is done in the stage.

Manual Test  --  Correct

34. Functional testing is a verification activity.

True  --  Correct

35. Testing done in a customer's environment is know as .

Beta  --  Correct

36. Value delivered by an application is validated through .

All of the options  --  Correct

37. _ is a central part of continuous deployment.

Deployment Pipeline  --  Correct

38. ____ stage takes the delivery team beyond continuous integration.

Acceptance  --  Correct


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