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Workflow Automation with Gulp MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

Workflow Automation with Gulp MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. $npm install_ _save - install gulp asdevel

2. bet grunt &gulp fast - gulp

3. gulp globally help - helps to run

4. before install gulp___acts - node.js

5. while install the first step - $npm install gulp g

6. which streams both read write - transform

7. streams are asyn - true

8. stream which play origin from -unix

9. the default task rep - gulp.task

10. how many types of stream - 5

11. streams are rep - .pipe()

12. which package helps the css - minify css

13. gulp.src in gulpfile.js - source loc acted upon

14. tasks one bye one - .pipe

15. compression of images - gulp-imagemin

16. helps to compile to .css - both

17. gulp-concat helps- concat of given location

18. the main objective - all

19. which plugin change in life - watch

20. which plugin task dependencies - no gulp

21. which command default task - gulp

22. which task by default - default

23. in memory catching - gulp-cached

24. concert .svg into fonts - iconfont

25. organizing the gulp plugins - load plugin?

26. After installing the required plug-ins, the next activity would be to _______ - Add the plug-in in gruntfile through loadNpmTasks

27. Which Grunt plug-in would be of use if you would like to monitor a set of .js files and take any appropriate actions if any changes happen to them?-Watch

28. Which plug-in assists with the cleaning of unwanted folders and files? - grunt-contrib-clean


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