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Angular 2 Game Of States MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | FrescoPlay | TCS

Angular 2 Game Of States MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | FrescoPlay | TCS

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1. The state in which app gets loaded is called 

initial state

2. Which type of application have "multiple stores"?  


3. ____ is popular State Management Library.


4. ____ is similar to @ngrx/effects, as both are models for performing side-effects 


5. @ngrx is a utility toolkit built upon principles defined by 


6. Which component is interacts with services? 

Smart components

7. Which of the following is needed to add side-effect capabilities to your application? 


8. Who handles async calls? 


9. Reducers should be pure functions, meaning they should not generate ----- 

side effects

10. ___ is single immutable data structure 


11. Reducers take the previous state and __________ to compute the new state 


12. You install ngrx using which command?

npm install @ngrx/core @ngrx/store --save

13. Dumb Component communicates events to Smart Component through 


14. State can be only mutated through


15. ngrx leans heavily on Observable paradigm. 



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