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Business Continuity Management (BCM) | 50964 | MCQ solution | TCS iEvolve

TCS iEvolve Business Continuity Management (BCM) | 50964 E1 | MCQ solution |

Course Id: 50964

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Business Continuity Management BCM course answers

50964 course answers

50964 course id

50964 id course answers


1. What types of work -- staff / remote working

2. who is accountable to ensure business continuity planning at the account level -- delivery partner DP 

3. when is a disaster declaration -- when all of the elements of the business have returned to their normal state

4. simulation testing is --- shutting down the operation in the 

5. the RPO is -- recovery point objective

6. BCP should be reviewed when -- all of the option

7. is form of pandemic that could lead to a crisis -- Swin-flu h1n1

8. what are the key points to be con.. BCP test cal -- testing of critical / all possible

9. why is it so important to execute BCP drills regularly -- BCP drills are performed to ensure / the gaps and areas of import

10. after the data backup is complete all backup -- sent to an offsite location through is

11. the relationship crisis committee consist -- OU unit head / account ow / account cml

12. what kind of seats can be arranged at -- cold, warm and hot

13. what are the different types of BCP drills -- simulation / walkthrough / tabletop

14. the recovery time objective is -- the maximum time for which a business

15. BCP is a confidential doc -- true

16. which of the following most accurately reflects the goal of risk -- reducing the risk exposure the an account 

17. why is it important to share and seek consensus from support functions -- to ensure the recovery timeliness are met during a crisis

18. while implementation continuous -- True

19. why is it important to conductio a BCM training -- all of the options

20. what does ARO -- Annualized rate of occurrence


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