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Estimation - SPACE E0 Assessment | 59988 | Software Estimation 3072 | TCS iEvolve

Estimation - SPACE_E0_Assessment | 59988 | Software Estimation 3072 | MCQ solution | TCS iEvolve

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Estimation SPACE E0 Assessment

59988 course answers

Estimation SPACE course answers

59988 mcq solution

Software Estimation course answers

3072 course answers

Software Estimating 3072 course answer


1. Which among the following set of estimated outcomes is obtained using the Agile SPACE model?

Sprint velocity, Capacity utilization, sprint effort

2. Agile SPACE model could be used in the following

Sizing a backlog, Determine capacity utilization

3. How should you ideally use the SSPACE model during a spring planning session?

As a Part of the planning poker session, where one of the participants uses SPACE  and the story point size is arrived at by consensus.

4. Agile SPACE modal can be used during a proposal stage with very high level requirements.


5. How does SPACE provide predictability in sizing during a sprint planning session?

Uses a common understanding of a story point across sprints

6. which among the following factors should you consider while using the space model to arrive at an estimate for your project?

All of the above

7. Which among the following mode of sizing is used in the Agile Space model to ascertain story points?

Fibonacci series

8. Which among the following is a valid estimation practice in Agile?

Planning Poker, TCS SPACE

9. It is recommended that the space model is used during a planning poker session in a collaboration manner.


10. Which among the following is true about the velocity in scrum for an Agile Project?

All of the above

11. Which of the following is a variant of SPACE?

All of the above

12. Which among the following does the SPACE model estimate in a sprint?

Spring Size, Spring Effort, Capacity Utilization

13. During Agile Planning Poker Session, only scrum master and product owner are required to be present for estimating the spring size.


14. The project team in an Agile project started to estimate user stories by comparing the sizes with a group...

Relative Sizing


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