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Kafka Remanere MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | FrescoPlay | TCS

Kafka Remanere MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play | FrescoPlay | TCS

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Kafka Remanere mcq solution

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kafka remanere fresco play course answer


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1. The only metadata retained on a per-consumer basis is the position of the consumer in the log, called ________.


2. Point out the wrong statement.

The Kafka cluster does not retain all the published messages.

3. Point out the correct statement.

A topic is a category or feed name to which messages are published.

4. Kafka is run as a cluster comprised of one or more servers each of which is called ___________.


5. Kafka maintains feeds of messages in categories called ___________.


6. Each Kafka partition has one server which acts as the _________.