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Kibana - Data Exquisites MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

Kibana - Data Exquisites MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

Kibana - Data Exquisites

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Kibana - Data Exquisites mcq answer

Kibana Data Exquisites mcq solution

Kibana data exquisites fresco play answer

Kibana data exquisites


1. Is it necessary to use curl command while querying in Kibana?

Yes, it is necessary.

No, not necessary.--co

2. Default location to run Kibana is _.





3. If Elasticsearch is not visible via Kibana, what could be the problem?

url should match to localhost:9200 if it has not been changed manually

Both of these--co

None of these

elasticsearch.url is not set correct

4. What can be created with the help of Kibana?


Line Graphs

All of these--co

Pie Charts

5. Kibana is an independent tool nothing to do with ELK stack.



6. Which of the following is an appropriate query to be typed in search bar for getting all documents in which “state” equals “TX”?



State: 874

state: TX--co

7. Configuration file for Kibana is named as .





8. What is Kibana?

A visualization tool--co

Both of these

None of these

Elasticsearch Plugin

9. You can only set the Index pattern once.



10. Where can you access discover page in Kibana?

Top left side below the Kibana Logo--c

Right Side below the Kibana logo

At the bottom right

At the bottom left

11. Can Boolean operators like AND, OR etc. can be used in Lucene Query Syntax?

Yes, it is used--c

No, it is not used

12. Filters may be ___.



Both of these--c

13. In bucket aggregation, buckets are created to store _.


All of these



14. Geohash is used to create buckets based upon .

geo_point fields--co

any field

date/time field

15. Visualize page is responsible for __.

Creating Heatmaps

All of these--co

Creating charts

Visualization of data

16. Upon searching, the listing is done in chronological order which means ___.

Oldest document first

Any order

Newest document first--co

17. Which of the following is not a metric aggregation?





18. Discover is used for .

Both of these--co

For data search

None of these

Exploring the data

19. Date histogram is performed on date/time values that are automatically extracted from documents.



20. What are the steps to create a coordinate map?

Timelion > Create a new visualization > Coordinate map > Select relevant Index.

Visualize > Create a new visualization > Coordinate map > Select relevant index. --co

New visualization > Coordinate map > Select relevant Index.

21. We can show multiple dashboards in visualization page.



22. What will Max Aggregation do?

Return Max value from numeric fields present in each bucket---co

Return any buckets max value

Returns highest bucket value

23. Can we save the visualizations we create in Kibana?

Yes, we can save.--co

No, but we can take screenshots.

24. Anyone in the world can see the visualization with the help of the sharable link.

Yes, anyone can view because it is meant to be shared

No, only those clients having access to the Kibana can view--co

25. Percentile ranks are used to calculate single or multiple percentile ranks.



26. What is the function of Gauge?

It indicates the status of metric in reference to a threshold value.--co

It indicates the status of metric in reference to a threshold value.

It indicates the status of a threshold value in reference to a metrics.

27. Timelion is a .

Kibana Performance Accelerator

Time series data visualizer--co

Only link connecting Kibana and Elasticsearch


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