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Storytelling with Data | MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

Storytelling with Data | MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. _________ uses system of color coding to represent different values. Heat maps

2. _______ helps you get familiar with data. exploratory

3. When the content is very less, we can leverage _________ to display information. simple text

4. Cognitive load theory is created by john sweller

5. Keeping Color consistent helps the audiences to know that these two pieces of information are related. TRUE

6. When using the Bar graph, the width of the Bars must be ___________. right size

7. Which among the following are the preattentive attributes? both size and color

8. What is not a part of story telling with data? out of box thinking

9. I am checking few sites to understand the retail market for a brand.' This statement depicts which analysis? exploratory

10. You can paste the data wherever you wish during a presentation. FALSE

11. Which principle from the list is not Principles of Gestalt Perception? differential

12. Decluttering should be done only when we have Ticket processing? FALSE

13. __________ is not a step in the process of decluttering. remove color

14. Tone of the language can be compromised FALSE

15. If Lines are overlapping then SlopeGraph is the best to use. TRUE

16. Which category of Graphs need to be avoided all

17. With this principle, we tend to think of objects that are physically close together as belonging to part of a group. Which principle is explained here? proximity

18. Which graph is useful when you have two time periods or points of comparison and want to quickly show relative increases and decreases? slope graph

19. Using Tables during Live presentations is a good option. FALSE

20. Which are the different categories of Graphs? all

21. It is a good practice to use 3D to plot a single dimensional data. TRUE

22. If the data in your content is very less then _________ is best to use. simple text

23. Color can be neglected if your content is clear. TRUE

24. What are the visual elements that take up space but do not increase understanding? clutter

25. Which helps you test the horizontal logic of your story? Choose the appropriate answer. Reverse

26. Turning on the rulers or gridlines that are built into most of the software programs helps in aligning Elements. TRUE

27. Clutter helps in increasing the communication with Audiences? FALSE

28. What ensures to the point communication? Story boarding

29. Good data visualization is a collection of graphs on a topic. TRUE

30. __________ is the most widely and commonly used graph. bar graph

31. Which graph has very minimal use cases? stacked vertical

32. The concept of accessibility helps people of different abilities to use designs. TRUE

33. Which among these will best suit representing Appendix or link for references? table

34. Which graph displays data in top-to-bottom fashion? horizontal bar

35. Including Zero baseline is a good practice. TRUE

36. Which graphs are used to plot continuous data? slope graphs

37. ________ helps you establish a structure for your communication. story boarding

38. Clutter helps build a comfortable user experience for your audience. FALSE

39. What helps you show differences across various categories between the two data points? Slopegraph

40. 'If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter'. This statement is written by whom? Blaise Pascal

41. Which graph is useful when you have two time periods or points of comparison and want to quickly show relative increases and decreases? Slope graph

42. _________ uses system of color coding to represent different values. Heat Map


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