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Intuitive Visualization Basics MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

Intuitive Visualization Basics MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

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Intuitive visualization basics mcq solution

Intuitive visualization basics course answer

Intutitive visualization basics fresco play course answer

Intutitie visualization basics fresco play course answer tcs

intutitive visualization basics tcs fresco play answer 


1. What is the purpose of using a dashboard for data visualization?

2. What needs to be considered first before you start a data visualization presentation?

3. While at a party you notice a group of people in the crowd headed in the same direction. Your tendency to group them is due to - law of similarity or past 

4. As per Edward Tufte, good visualizations strive towards - 

5. Which law of Gestalt psychology explains individual's ability to perceive objects as shapes, letters, pictures, etc. as being whole while they are not? - law of past 

6. Which type of visual aspect could be considered ineffective or not very accurate at conveying quantitative or ordinal data? - colors / size

7. When using a Bar Chart, the data values are represented by? - length

8. What differentiates histogram from a bar chart? - gap between bars

9. Which chart displays data as a collection of points, each having one variable determining the position on the horizontal axis and other variable determining the position on the vertical axis? - scatter plot

10. A bar graph is used to represent which type of data? - discrete

11. What type of chart can be used to place some emphasis on any trends in the data visualization presentation? - Line

12. Which of the following is powerful visualization technique for illustrating hierarchical data and part-to-whole relationships? - tree

13. A Manufacturing company wants to view the performance of various plants based on Throughput, Wastage, Returns, Downtime and Manufacturing Cost per Unit. Which chart would be the best for this? - parallel

14. Which of the following cannot be a geo-dimension? - mobile

15. Which map is a two-dimensional representation of data in which values are represented by colors? - heat 

16. Interactivity in Visualizations enables users to - find

17. Which one of these is not a data visualization tool? - Alterix

18. Representation of information in a graphic format to make the data easily understandable at a glance is known as? - info

19. Which Gestalt law explains individuals ability to mentally grouping items by color, texture, size or shape? - Law of prox

20. Which of these can be used to display data graphically - Bar

21. A histogram is a graphical representation of the distribution of data. It is an estimate of the _ of a continuous variable - probability distribution

22. The tendency to treat lines as if they continue is called - continuity

23. In which chart type quantitative data is displayed graphically and the area between axis and line are emphasized with colors, textures and hatchings? - Area

24. Which chart displays information as a series of data points called 'markers' connected by straight line segments - Line

25. What is the minimum requirement to form a bar chart - 1 measure 1 dimension

26. How is data visualization used - Audience / large numbers

27. In a Pie Chart, _ is used to represent data - sectors

28. A histogram is used for which type of data - continuous

29. Data Visualization makes complex data more - understandable


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