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TCS DATOM | MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

TCS DATOM | MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

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TCS Datom fresco play course answers

TCS datom course answers

TCS datom fresco play answer

tcs datom tcs fresco play 

tcs datom frescoplay mcq solution


1. Arrange in the order of 5 levels of maturity

Siloed, Simplified, Scaled, Synergized, Self-Optimized

2. What are the Key Focus Areas of DATOM

All of the these

3. Are there specific visualizations available in DATOM to track the DG Metrics


4. What is the core principle of DATOM?

There is no single solution in Data & Analytics space. A fabric of solutions needs to be woven.

5. What is the difference between Data Owner and Data Steward?

Data Steward controls the data quality on a day to day basis for a data set

6. Which is not a Key Result Areas in DATOM?


7. Which of the following aspects of EA includes Process Aligned KPIs, Data Models, Metadata Mgmt., DQ Mgmt., MDM, ILM & Data Security?

Information Architecture

8. In DATOM, COD is?

Competency on Demand

9. _____ is TCS' CoD platforms?

Fresco Play

10. What is data driven culture

All the options mentioned

11. What is the theme of 5th maturity level ?

Universal Intelligence

12. Identify a business question that can be answered only by Level 5 matured organization.

Do you collect social data on your partners to assess their market reputation, are any insights generated on this to help with contract negotiations?

13. Zachman Framework has been used by DATOM to ?

To identify alignment between different service delivery methodologies

14. The solution accelerator for Digitized data controls is


15. DATOM conceptual "Big Picture" contains

All the options mentioned 

16. What is the maturity level of a company which has implemented Big Data Cloudification, Recommendation Engine Self Service, Machine Learning, Agile & Factory model ?


17. For a Level 2 matured organization, which statement is true from Master Data Management perspective?

Master Data is elevated to the Enterprise level, with mechanism to manage and access it.

18. Data Ownership is defined by

Any of options based on scale of the organization

19. As per DATOM, which of the following options best describes Unstructured DQ Mgmt.?

Gather-Analyze-Recommend X Data Quality Index X


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