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Hybrid Apps Introduction TCS Fresco Play Course Answers

Hybrid Apps Introduction MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

Hybrid Apps introduction mcq solution

Hybrid apps introduction course answer

Hybrid apps introduction fresco play course answer

Hybrid apps introduction tcs fresco play course answer

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1. Native Apps require another container app to execute in a mobile device. - False

2. _________ is the type executable for iOS. - .IPA

3. Process of obtaining a binary executable image and preparing it for distribution is same across platforms. - True

4. Native apps are executed directly by the OS of mobile device. - True

5. The right order of Native App Development is _________. (I) Package the binary executable with resources. (II) Create a binary executable (III)Distribute through the app store.-II, I, III

6. Native apps are a choice for implementation because, it is (I) Executed directly by OS. (II) Makes explicit use of OS APIs. (III) cheaper to build in one platform. - I and II

7. Purely Native apps are binary executable image that is explicitly downloaded and stored on the file system of the mobile device. - True

8. _________ is the type executable for Android. - .APK

9. Looking at the mobile app and its features, is it possible to distinguish between the type as Native, Web or Hybrid? - False

10. GUI Toolkit is an example of low-level API for Native Apps. - False

11. Built-in Apps have direct access to low-level APIs. - True

12. Native apps are not a choice for implementation because of its (I) Portability (II) Efficiency - I Only

13. _________ is the type executable for Blackberry. - .COD

14. Natives apps can be downloaded from (I) App Store (II) Enterprise Distributed Mechanism (III)Market Place of the Device - (I) and (III) Only

15. _________ is the type executable for Windows. - .XAP

16. Built-in Apps have direct access to low-level APIs only through High-level APIs. -False

17. The rendering engine in the pure mobile web apps is called as - Webkit

18. The main cons of Web app comprises _________. - limited scope accessing mobile device’s features

19. Web apps are much easier to maintain, as they have a common code base across multiple mobile platforms. Is this statement true of false? - True

20. In case of Pure mobile web apps, the code is executed by the _______. - browser

21. Application caching is enabled with latest features of _________. - HTML5 and CSS3

22. Pure mobile web apps are written only in _________. - HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT

23. In hybrid apps, some native code is used to allow the app to access the wider functionality of the device. Is this True or False? - True

24. The advantage that hybrid apps carry over native is that it's ________ - All the options


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